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Free of Charge Services

Bari Global provides free of charge services that include consultation to discuss your options and take the first steps of Turkish citizenship by investment in Turkey. Before your arrival, your options for your travel and stay will be managed with the help of our team. And we will be accompanying you to find the best properties in Istanbul.

First Step: Consultation

Call us to make an appointment for your free profile assessment for Turkish citizenship. We are here to guide you from the beginning for your citizenship by investment in Turkey! Let’s analyze our detailed portfolio for your possible investment and make the best choice with our kind and hardworking real estate agents


We care about every step of your investment in Turkey! The moment you arrive in Turkey, we will support you in everything with the team of our real estate agency before or after the property sale. From the airport to the hotel, we will be with you with our consultants. We will accompany you in the most luxurious way.

Concierge Services

Istanbul is a must-visit city, and you may need help on your first visit. We will be glad to see that you are spending a wonderful time while arranging your property in Turkey. Your accommodation, restaurant-club entertainment, and shopping guidance will be present at their best on the way to obtain a Turkish passport.

Real Estate Services

Istanbul is a must-visit city, and you may need help on your first visit. We will be glad to see that you are spending a wonderful time while arranging your property in Turkey. Your accommodation, restaurant-club entertainment, and shopping guidance will be present at their best on the way to obtain a Turkish passport.

Project Visits

Our ambitious team will never get tired of discussing the alternatives. Besides, it will be a clear decision once you are presented with every project and guided by crucial details about the Turkish real estate market. Your filters will be considered for you in the final while you are purchasing a house in Turkey. We assure you that!

Real Estate Consultancy

Our Legal and Project Departments are quick and hard workers who know every detail of the citizenship process long enough to prevent problems. Plus, we have a real estate portfolio to provide you properties with alternatives and very quick attorneys to guide the Turkish citizenship, passport, and investment process without stopping.

Investment Advisory

Residential or commercial, with our understanding of your investment purpose in Turkey, we will give you the best prices for the best real estate projects. Every region is our field of expertise. Your investment and Turkish citizenship purposes are supported by our local proficiency and modern vision, specialized especially for you.

Citizenship Services

In the case of intention to obtain Turkish citizenship, with the right choice of property, we will start the legal process with you and finalize it real quick without bothering you. Between 60 to 90 days with documents required in hand, both the residence and work permit variations will be given by Bari Global's legal professionals.

After-Sale Services

After completing the process of your Turkish property purchase, we offer services such as utility management, as well as the chance of working with interior designers for the mesmerizing touches to your luxury apartment in Turkey. We also offer to help during your moving process from your home country to your apartment in Turkey and obtain the required permits for citizenship and working.

Utility Services Assistant

Here is the part where localization brings out its importance. We are aware of what one’s needs may be when residing somewhere new. Therefore our real estate agents and consultant team also consider your utility needs beforehand. Our contacts with boutique companies are easy and quick for things to be done on your Turkish property. We will be helping you acquire telecommunication services, electrical utilities, natural gas, plumbing treatments, and available transportation services you could use in your residency in Turkey.

Architecture & Interior Design

We, as Bari Global, are known for our elite designs we used in properties in Turkey. Our architectural quality is distinctive when it's combined with interior design looks. We take into consideration different themes and styles while assisting you in designing your house, and the luxurious lifestyle remains in every case. You will be fascinated when you see our furniture and decoration store in Istanbul, including luxurious and exclusive details. You will feel the premium quality in the house in Turkey with our collaboration.

Moving & Settlement to Turkey

From the beginning, we will provide you with every information about the region you buy your property and consider living in with your family taken into account. Schools, universities, healthcare institutions, transportation; everything will be planned and set before you arrive in Turkey and your property, in addition to the arrival of your goods and pets. It's also one of our duties to help you build your lifestyle here. With the assistance of our team, you will be ready to enjoy your citizenship and lifestyle in Turkey.

Rental & Sales Service

In case of renting or reselling your property in Turkey, our team offers to find the right tenants and buyers to ease the process for you. Our legal consultants can offer to construct the contract for you to make sure you have no problems in the future with the tenants or the buyers.

Rental Management

In the case of your ownership of the property in Turkey, we can help you find tenants. This service was cleared in our project election for possible owners. The region, type of the flat is how we present our projects about the rental demand issue. We may also find tourists, ex-pats if you consider living in touristic parts of the city, or maybe a secular family for blocks in central areas. We will reach for the right hands with accurate advertisement projects. We promise to carry out all relevant checks for reliable tenants. We will be the point of contact for the tenant and arrange maintenance of your payments.


If you consider the property as an investment and would like to re-sell it, we may assist you in that case as well. As we mentioned earlier and presented in our projects, the value of your investment is calculated according to the area it is located in. So, if you would like to sell your properties on digital or manual platforms, our contacts will be in action. Istanbul properties are dynamic in resale options; the prices get %29.61 higher in a year, %72.66 in 3 years, and rise to %103.92 in 5 years. As a #1 real estate agent in Turkey, we will provide you with exceptional opportunities for your exit strategy.

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