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Finance Capital City
Çakmak, Ümraniye, İstanbul
Type : Residential
$313,551 - $720,632
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Project Area :
141000 m2
Bedrooms :
Bathrooms :
Type :
Completion :
Distance of Airport :
25 km
Distance of Center :
5 km
Payment Options :
24 months installment
Why this property?

Exclusive working or residential life awaits you on the Asian side of Istanbul. Finance Capital is a newly designed technological project in Umraniye with different apartment types.

Umraniye Apartments for Sale with Modern Designs 

Elite blocks and villas are rising in Umraniye day by day. Thereby, the Anatolian side of Istanbul faces a new modern and aesthetic architecture. On the other hand, it is possible to find various options according to every budget in Finance Capital. Villas are in the size of 309 to 370 sqm. But not the traditional or stereotypical ones, the project offers high-quality technology in almost every second of your life. 

Especially for your family, it is a very safe zone as there are smartly systemized lockers and security systems. There is also energy automation for every project. Namely, Finance Capital takes care of every issue you might dwell on and lets you enjoy a massage unit.

Flats are not lessening the quality. Contrarily, all customizations are also available in every flat, one bedroom + one living room ones are between 59-100 sqm in size. 2+1 flats are in 98-124, and 3+1 ones differ in 133-143 sqm.

Privileged Options for Offices and Houses

Let your kid be creative with erasable walls of Finance Capital, or use your imagination on them in-office options, to have more effective working days. You can also have separation walls in your offices according to your wish with functional walls and enjoy a tasteful cup of coffee with the embedded coffee machine of Finance Capital.

Umraniye is the business center of the Anatolian side of Istanbul. You will be privileged with Finance Capital in every way. Also, it is one of the best investment options.


Properties from this project
Rooms Min SQ Max SQ Min Price Max Price Bathrooms : Floor Plans
1+1 95.00 m2 95.00 m2 $313,551 $313,551 1 Types
1+1 95.00 m2 95.00 m2 $313,551 $313,551 1 Plans
2+1 164.00 m2 165.00 m2 $541,314 $541,671 2 Types
2+1 164.00 m2 165.00 m2 $541,314 $541,671 2 Plans
3+1 149.00 m2 177.00 m2 $494,142 $585,889 3 Types
3+1 149.00 m2 177.00 m2 $494,142 $585,889 3 Plans
4+1 190.00 m2 192.00 m2 $628,018 $720,632 3 Types
4 + 1 190.00 m2 192.00 m2 $628,018 $720,632 3 Plans
Project Features
  • Reception
  • Elevator
  • Water Booster
  • Technical Service
  • Cargo Lift
  • Intercom System
  • Balcony
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Central Heating
  • 7/24 Support
  • WIFI
  • Air Conditioning
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Project Location
Ümraniye Real Estate Region Demographic Information


713.803 Person

Population of Youth

% 36 Person/Km
Ümraniye Real Estate Region Information on Properties
Change 1st Year 2nd Year 4th Year
İstanbul/ Ümraniye

% 170.12

% 388.04

% 502.64

Finance Capital City
Çakmak, Ümraniye, İstanbul
Type : Residential
$313,551 - $720,632
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Cumhuriyet, İstanbul
48-117 sqm
Starts From $365,000
Orhantepe, İstanbul
176-246 sqm
Starts From $609,881
Autumn 2023
Atakent, İstanbul
73-170 sqm
Starts From $354,000

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