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SkyWorld Atakoy
Ataköy, Bakırköy, İstanbul
Type : Residential
$859,100 - $3,630,290
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Project Area :
127600 m2
Bedrooms :
Bathrooms :
Type :
Completion :
Distance of Airport :
45 km
Distance of Center :
30 km
Payment Options :
24 months installment
Why this property?

The SkyWorld Atakoy project, implemented in one of the most elegant districts of Istanbul, awaits you to build a modern lifestyle with its unmissable investment opportunities.

Sea View Apartments for Sale in Atakoy 

The SkyWorld Atakoy project rises in four vertical blocks with 20 floors and includes 1401 apartments. The project provides its residents uninterrupted and spectacular Marmara Sea view. It also offers vehicle-free gardens inspired by Ottoman and French architecture, with direct access to the 1.2 km coastal band. SkyWorld Atakoy is a suitable living space for those who would like to live a prime lifestyle.

There are 20 floors in each block, and these blocks include apartment options ranging between one bedroom + one living room and four bedrooms + one living room with a bathroom for general usage. All apartments are enriched with the specialties, such as a large-sized balcony with wooden decks, floor-to-ceiling windows, a laundry room, and a clothing section.

Apartments with Unique Social Facilities in Istanbul

An exclusive lifestyle at the heart of Istanbul is waiting for you. In the project, entertainment and sports come together, and the complex includes social facilities, such as playgrounds, tennis, and basketball courts for its residents. The project offers privileged coastal experiences, including biking, walking, and jogging along our waterfront, as well as canoeing, surfing, and swimming in the sea.

SkyWorld complex also includes a hotel with exceptional development for its residents and visitors, operated by a world-famous hotel chain. From the minute you arrive, stunning designs, luxury shopping, dining options, and services, such as indoor and outdoor pools, a Turkish bath, steam room, SPA yoga, and pilates studios, will be waiting for you.

Luxury Apartments on the European Side 

The project is located on the seafront and in one of the most distinguished areas of Istanbul. Thanks to its central location, you can meet all your needs within minutes. The project is near the shopping malls, such as Galleria Shopping Mall, Carousel Mall, Capacity Mall, A Plus Mall, and Aqua Florya Mall. It is also 8 minutes to Ataturk Airport, and 13 minutes to the historical peninsula where Istanbul’s top tourist attractions such as the Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Spice Bazaar, Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia are located. 

The project is at a meeting point for sea, land, and air transfer lines. The district has a strong return on investment that is increasing day by day due to its central location and proximity to the Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, and IDO Pier.

Properties from this project
Rooms Min SQ Max SQ Min Price Max Price Bathrooms : Floor Plans
1+1 88.00 m2 104.00 m2 $859,100 $1,012,915 1 Types
1+1 88.00 m2 104.00 m2 $859,100 $1,012,915 1 Plans
1.5+1 105.00 m2 119.00 m2 $1,025,402 $1,153,566 1 Types
1,5+1 105.00 m2 119.00 m2 $1,025,402 $1,153,566 1 Plans
2+1 117.00 m2 270.00 m2 $1,138,368 $2,614,762 2 Types
2+1 117.00 m2 270.00 m2 $1,138,368 $2,614,762 2 Plans
2.5+1 171.00 m2 236.00 m2 $1,660,798 $2,291,740 2 Types
2,5+1 171.00 m2 236.00 m2 $1,660,798 $2,291,740 2 Plans
3+1 193.00 m2 204.00 m2 $1,870,273 $1,983,045 3 Types
3+1 193.00 m2 204.00 m2 $1,870,273 $1,983,045 3 Plans
3.5+1 235.00 m2 277.00 m2 $2,281,576 $2,689,685 2 Types
3,5+1 235.00 m2 277.00 m2 $2,281,576 $2,689,685 2 Plans
4+1 237.00 m2 276.00 m2 $2,296,483 $2,673,229 4 Types
4+1 237.00 m2 276.00 m2 $2,296,483 $2,673,229 4 Plans
4.5+1 248.00 m2 375.00 m2 $2,403,254 $3,630,290 4 Types
4,5+1 248.00 m2 375.00 m2 $2,403,254 $3,630,290 4 Plans
Project Features
  • Reception
  • Elevator
  • Technical Service
  • Cargo Lift
  • Balcony
  • Central Heating
  • 7/24 Support
  • WIFI
  • Air Conditioning
  • Reception
  • En-Suite Bathroom
  • Fire Sensor
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Project Location
Bakırköy Real Estate Region Demographic Information


226.229 Person

Population of Youth

% 27 Person/Km
Bakırköy Real Estate Region Information on Properties
SkyWorld Atakoy
Ataköy, Bakırköy, İstanbul
Type : Residential
$859,100 - $3,630,290
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104-638 sqm
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