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Empyrean Maslak
Maslak, Sarıyer, İstanbul
Type : Residential
$722,000 - $2,666,000
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Project Area :
46000 m2
Bedrooms :
Bathrooms :
Type :
Completion :
Distance of Airport :
25 km
Distance of Center :
20 km
Payment Options :
36 months installment
Why this property?

Sariyer, one of the most outstanding regions in Istanbul, is presented to you at its best with Empyrean Maslak!

Offices and Flat Options for Sale in Maslak with Smart Tools

Important locations with different types of flats are available in this project. Choices begin with studio apartments and end in four bedrooms with a living room. Studio apartments differ between 56-88 sqm in size. One bedroom + one living room flats are between 108-167. There are also office choices, which differ by 83-322 sqm.

Sariyer is an incredible choice in Istanbul as it opens to the Marmara Sea and is attached to the city. For both residences and offices, you will live a premium life in Istanbul with the facilities (spa centers, gym and swimming pools, etc.) and the worthy architecture of Empyrean Maslak. The project is an exceptional choice with high ceilings and full-wall windows, rare architecture for today’s residence types. 

A solid and old idea of high ceilings is combined with a renovation and remote control. Technology is used to ease your life and make you in touch with your property any time you want.

Convenient Houses for Sale in Sariyer

Offices are one of a kind for this age. Technological developments in office projects at Empyrean Maslak are taking the experience to the next level. It is a motivational option in Istanbul since the project breaks down the insufficient space where workers face its fine conveniences and vast areas of commonplaces.

Sariyer will never be any less famous than any of the time. It is the golden part of Istanbul and is always young by roots. You will be glad to live or work in Sariyer Empyrean Maslak because it is a highly demanded and luxurious design for real estate investors.

Properties from this project
Rooms Min SQ Max SQ Min Price Max Price Bathrooms : Floor Plans
1+1 109.00 m2 173.00 m2 $722,000 $1,062,000 1 Types
1+1 109.00 m2 173.00 m2 $722,000 $1,062,000 1 Plans
2+1 129.00 m2 248.00 m2 $1,026,000 $1,529,000 2 Types
2+1 129.00 m2 248.00 m2 $1,026,000 $1,529,000 2 Plans
3+1 209.30 m2 314.36 m2 $1,323,000 $2,666,000 3 Types
3+1 209.30 m2 314.36 m2 $1,323,000 $2,666,000 3 Plans
4+1 361.00 m2 361.00 m2 $2,572,000 $2,572,000 4 Types
4+1 361.00 m2 361.00 m2 $2,572,000 $2,572,000 4 Plans
Project Features
  • Reception
  • Elevator
  • Water Booster
  • Technical Service
  • Cargo Lift
  • Intercom System
  • Central Heating
  • Floor Heating
  • 7/24 Support
  • WIFI
  • Air Conditioning
  • Reception
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Project Location
Sarıyer Real Estate Region Demographic Information


335.298 Person

Population of Youth

% 31 Person/Km
Sarıyer Real Estate Region Information on Properties
Empyrean Maslak
Maslak, Sarıyer, İstanbul
Type : Residential
$722,000 - $2,666,000
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Hamidiye, İstanbul
105 - 255 sqm
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Çağlayan, İstanbul
73-169 sqm
Starts From $251,000
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Göktürk, İstanbul
144-203 sqm
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