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Premium Elect Basaksehir
Başakşehir, İstanbul
Type : Residential
$262,000 - $631,000
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Project Area :
17000 m2
Bedrooms :
Bathrooms :
Type :
Completion :
Distance of Airport :
20 km
Distance of Center :
20 km
Payment Options :
24 months installment
Why this property?

Discover Basaksehir with Premium Elect Basaksehir, the up-and-coming neighborhood of the investment world.

Large Flats in Istanbul near Nature 

Premium Elect stands on the ground as if it is a palace in old times’ magnificence. The opportunities offered in Premium Elect are varied; one bedroom with a living room differs in size between 54-135 sqm, while the 2+1 flats are in 55 to 136 sqm and 3+1 ones go up to 137. 

Central heating and air conditioning are available in all flat types. Also, fire sensors and house safety tools make this project secure for you and your family.

Basaksehir Flats for Sale Near Istanbul Airport

Basaksehir is the new Istanbul, and lots of people now consider buying a property in Basaksehir because of what it offers for the future. There are lots of options that will make your daily life more convenient. The project is 10 mins away from the Mall of Istanbul, 25 mins to Aqua Florya, and only 30 mins to Istanbul Airport. 

The options to spend some quality time with your family or save time before/after your travels are easy in Premium Elect. Concierge services are available for the same purpose, not to bother you/your loved ones with small details, but to make your life easier and comfortable.

You can create and enjoy a harmonious life in Basaksehir, but especially in Premium Elect, the building itself brings out the best of the region. There is a swimming pool on the site for your family and friends to enjoy. The naturalistic side is preserved as well. Thus you are close to a pond and a garden in the region. And life will be very comfortable in Premium Elect, there are services like laundry and rent a car. These small touches will speed up your daily routines, and you will lose no time to get to the spa saloon for relaxation at the end of the day.

The comfort of the owner and tenant comfort is guaranteed with the facilities and security. So, you would like to consider Premium Elect Basaksehir as an investment option, bringing luxury to your feet.



Properties from this project
Rooms Min SQ Max SQ Min Price Max Price Bathrooms : Floor Plans
1+1 54.00 m2 131.00 m2 $262,000 $469,000 1 Types
1+1 54.00 m2 131.00 m2 $262,000 $469,000 1 Plans
2+1 87.00 m2 173.00 m2 $329,000 $590,000 2 Types
2+1 87.00 m2 173.00 m2 $329,000 $590,000 2 Plans
3+1 167.00 m2 167.00 m2 $631,000 $631,000 2 Types
3 + 1 167.00 m2 167.00 m2 $631,000 $631,000 2 Plans
Project Features
  • Reception
  • Elevator
  • Water Booster
  • Technical Service
  • Intercom System
  • Balcony
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Central Heating
  • 7/24 Support
  • WIFI
  • Air Conditioning
  • Reception
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Project Location
Başakşehir Real Estate Region Demographic Information


469.924 Person

Population of Youth

% 44 Person/Km
Başakşehir Real Estate Region Information on Properties
Premium Elect Basaksehir
Başakşehir, İstanbul
Type : Residential
$262,000 - $631,000
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Bahçeşehir, İstanbul
213-300 sqm
Starts From $558,000
Kumburgaz, İstanbul
123-214 sqm
Starts From $212,837
December 2022
Hamidiye, İstanbul
39,87-147,62 sqm
Starts From $346,000

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