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Investment in Istanbul: Sisli

Sisli district has 25 neighborhoods, including Besiktas, Kagithane, and Beyoglu. It is considered one of the wealthiest regions of Istanbul with its luxury hotels and shopping malls.

Around 1800, Sisli used to be an open countryside for hunting, leisure time, and agricultural activities. Sisli was developed as an upper-middle-class residential district during the last years of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic's beginning years. During this period, French culture had considerably influenced this location, as one can understand from large stone buildings with high ceilings and tiny elevators on wires in the middle of the stairways.

Cultural Structure of Sisli

Jews, Greeks, Armenians, and Turks built homes in Sisli in 1870 after a fire in the neighboring district of Beyoglu. Today, many families from Istanbul's local Armenian community still live in Kurtulus, a neighborhood in Sisli.

Sisli was famous amongst the trading families who settled in Istanbul for trade. It was the first area to receive tramlines, electricity, and natural gas.

After the Turkish Republic's formation in 1920, more extensive buildings were constructed along wide avenues of Halaskargazi Caddesi, the main road through Sisli with little arcades of shops, tall offices, and apartments. In 1970, old buildings in the district were modernized and renovated in the light of modern multistory constructions.

Many working-class families and students reside in Sisli as it is at the center of everything and has good transportation connections with other parts of the city.

Real Estate in Sisli

The Sisli district is surrounded by many significant projects, including newly built houses and apartments for sale at reasonable prices that allow investors with high investment returns. Property investment in Sisli offers investors value for money, a low cost of living, stunning views, and the opportunity to enjoy income prospects through renting.

Investors can get Turkish citizenship through their real estate investments. Buying a property in the Sisli area is advantageous as the real estate market is dynamic and is in high demand by investors worldwide. Sisli has many educational institutes, health centers, and marketing centers, which allows you to make a profitable investment.

Sisli has 25 neighborhoods providing real estate investors various options to invest in as each area has distinct qualities. And to select the right house for you, it is essential to consult a learned real estate consultant who can help you make the right decision.

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Attraction Centers in Sisli

Sisli has many tourist attractions for visitors and residents alike. Some are;

  • Istanbul Military Museum is a worth seeing heritage that presents the history of the Turkish Military.
  • Ataturk Museum is dedicated to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first president of the Republic of Turkey, also known as the father of Turks.
  • Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall hosts many important concerts. When it was established at first, it was particularly hosting classical music concerts.
  • Sisli Mosque is an early mosque example that was built in 1945, and it has Islamic architecture. This Mosque is still welcoming its prayers today. It is mentioned as the first mosque in the Sisli area.
  • The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit was constructed in 1945 and has beautiful architecture. It is one of the well-known churches in Sisli.

Restaurants and Hotels in Sisli

Sisli offers all budget-type hotel and restaurant options to visitors.


  • Juno is a restaurant that offers international cuisine. The restaurant offers outdoor dining as well as tasty cocktails. The restaurant hosts DJs some nights.
  • The Populist is called a gastropub spot. The interior design of this restaurant can be classified as a loft. Along with delicious food, the restaurant has DJs coming over some of the nights. Most young locals spend their afternoon here.
  • Cesme Bazlama Breakfast is one of the best spots to have breakfast. The cooks will ensure you will not leave without feeling full. This restaurant is very friendly and has many breakfast options.


  • Divan Istanbul City Hotel is a luxurious hotel in Sisli that hosts thousands of guests per year. The location allows visitors to be close to the trademarks of the city as well as shopping centers.
  • The Marmara Sisli is located in Mecidiyekoy, which is known as the city center. The hotel has 98 rooms and many amenities designed best for its visitors.
  • The Ritz-Carlton is one of the best hotels in Istanbul. The hotel offers many activities for their guests and has a Bosphorus view from their rooms. The Ritz-Carlton is a five-star hotel that is designed neoterically. Thus it is seen as one of the most unique hotels in the city.

Education in Sisli

People prefer Sisli for education as it has become a well-known area with many schools. Some are:

  • Adrian School and College
  • Istanbul Institute
  • Lasalle College Istanbul
  • Sisli Math Private Lesson
  • Sisli Municipality Mahmut Sevket Pasha Studies Center
  • Saint Michel French High School
  • Notre Dame de Sion French High School
  • Doga College

Transportation in Sisli