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Investment in Istanbul: Kadikoy

Kadikoy is on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, where many ancient settlements occurred centuries ago by ancient civilizations. This well-developed and modern district with a high population rate has economic and cultural activities.

Kadikoy is one of the most ancient settlement areas built in 675 BC. Phoenicians built the city in Fikirtepe, and the colony is named after Harhado, who previously lived there. Kadikoy was famous for horse races, and after 1960, Kadikoy gained an essential role for the region by becoming the city's leader in trade and service fields.

A castaway opened for the residents of the area, increasing Kadikoy's value. With new and different projects like apartments and office buildings, Kadikoy completely transformed. Job opportunities and cultural activities have also contributed to rising interest in the Kadikoy district.

Location of Kadikoy

The Kadikoy district is on a 34 square kilometer area enlarged by Baghdad street. The E-5 highway passes through Kadikoy. The way the buildings and structures are built in Kadikoy makes it unique.

Kadikoy has well-developed transportation, education, and health systems besides many employment opportunities for people living there. Additionally, the activities such as tourism, construction, and textile play a significant role in the economic advancement of the district.

The district is the most privileged city for being in a good location, surrounded by the Marmara Sea, Uskudar, Urmaniye, and Bostanci regions. The city center has theaters, cinemas, a university, art galleries, and many other things for you.

Property Investment in Kadikoy

With the recent infrastructure developments in the Kadikoy area, real estate projects have become more secure. Real estate in Kadikoy has witnessed a massive increase in demand by the investors looking to purchase real estate in Turkey to get Turkish citizenship through investment. 

The region has luxurious and comfortable areas having a unique location being the most refined residential area fulfilling your dreams. Kadikoy offers affordable apartments with great views of Princes' Islands and the Marmara Sea, with a lively neighborhood.

The properties in Kadikoy are smartly designed with innovative technology, ensuring privacy and high living standards for its residents. It has high-quality homes with a good return on investment.

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Attraction Centers in Kadikoy

Kadikoy is a heritage of history and will always be the capital of art and cultural activities. The minarets, churches, Turkish baths, parks, gulfs make the region special. Flowers and plants in Kadikoy provide a unique experience for its visitors during spring. Moda has a peaceful atmosphere with a great sunset view, impressive structures, tourist buildings, and other activities to enjoy.

Toy Museum

The Toy Museum is located in Goztepe, within the Kadikoy district. Since it was opened in 2005, it has been attracting locals and tourists. Toys from all countries are showcased here, which would be a fantastic experience for the children.

Bull Statue