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Invest in Istanbul: Basaksehir

Basaksehir's 1st and 2nd stages were in Altinsehir. Güvercintepe and Sahintepe neighborhoods and Kayabasi village were in Kucukcekmece Municipality. The 4th stage and 5th stage belonged to Esenler Municipality, and Bahcesehir was a town municipality of Buyukcekmece district. However, with the latest regulations, these districts were combined, and the Basaksehir district was established.

Location of Basaksehir

In the region where the district was located, the Azatli gunpowder factory was established to meet the gunpowder needs of the state during the Ottoman period, and the area was called Azatlik. Other buildings with historical features in the district are the Resneli farm belonging to Niyazi Bey of Resneli, Yarimburgaz Cave, which is the first known settlement in Istanbul, and Damascus dam, which was established to provide water to gunpowder.

The north of the district is covered with forests, and the remaining vegetation consists of steppes and shrubs. In the Sazlidere Valley, where Resneli Farm is located, plant diversity is very high. The Sazlidere stream and Ayamama stream emerge in the district, and the Ispartakule stream flows through it.

Property Investment in Basaksehir

If you want to buy residential or commercial real estate, Basaksehir is the best option for you as it has many off plans and new building developments. Additionally, the benefit of investing in Basaksehir is the interest-free structured payment plans from 6 months to 10 years which is very attractive for investors looking to maximize capital appreciation over the mid to long term.

Most of the properties for sale in Basaksehir are built on large complexes ranging from studios to duplexes. The properties have various facilities from modern kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and gardens to terraces.

Basaksehir is the most successful and busiest real estate market with foreign and local buyers and sellers, as it is well developed with infrastructure attracting investors from all over the world.

You can even take advantage of Turkey's citizenship by investment scheme by investing a set amount in property and, in return, acquire Turkish citizenship right away with a hassle-free process.

Bari Global helps you decide by finding the right house at the right location for your property investment in Istanbul. Our team of professionals speaking different languages, from Turkish, English, Persian, and Urdu, help you before and after property purchase and the Turkish Citizenship process with our partner Law Agency.

Attraction Centers in Basaksehir

Water Valley

Water Valley is established on a 547-decare park + recreation area in a natural valley that separates the 4th and 5th Stages of Basaksehir from each other. In this area, a 383 acres area is reserved for green fields, 14 acres for streams and pools, 150 acres for walking and cycling paths, and social facilities. 

Walkways, streams, sports and fitness areas in the valley, nearly 30 social facilities (Open space restaurant, cafe-restaurant, restaurant with pool, Greenhouse restaurant, Pond cafe, mini cafes, prayer and recreation areas, and social facilities), outdoor and indoor parking lots, fountains, are located.

Samlar Nature Park

Samlar Nature Park has become a famous center for those who want to get away from the city noise and have a good time in an isolated environment in Istanbul. Samlar Nature Park camping area is preferred for daily camping. The nature park is easy to reach, and its social facilities will help you have a good time. It is a great getaway spot for camping with your caravan.

The region, declared a nature park in 2011, has a 335 hectares area where coniferous trees and ninety-five different plant species are dominant. Many wild animals are also found in this park. The wild animal varieties in question are; marten, red squirrel, mole, wild boar, hedgehog, jackal, rabbit, and fox.

Bahcesehir Pond

Bahcesehir Pond, the first and largest artificial pond in Istanbul, has a 26.000 m2 area and is located in the recreation area of 300.000 m2 Bahcesehir Park. It is necessary to evaluate this place in two stages as its old and new state. Most of the Bahcesehir Park Cadde Shopping Mall project has been completed, and several businesses have been put into operation.

Bahcesehir Park is a place that appeals to everyone, and every visitor can find their own space. It has themed playgrounds, culture-physics areas, an activity stage, a wide grass area, a grass hill, a view terrace, cafeterias, restaurants, and a 3.5-kilometer walking track. 

In addition to these, with the new project, Bahcesehir Park Cadde Avm, the hiking trail has been extended, an adventure park, playgrounds, sports studios, and new businesses have been added. The parking lot, insufficient on weekends and special days, was also expanded.

There is also a stage in Bahcesehir Pond Park. Although the events do not take place very often, they sometimes host concerts during Ramadan. In other periods, it is used as a place where various groups carry out sports activities.

There are wooden view terraces that dominate the views from different angles. A patio filled with flowers in the spring is one of the most preferred spots in the park. However, due to the increasing construction of Bahcesehir, high buildings accompany us in the scenery background.

If you want to sit a little further from under the trees but by the lake, you can choose a more spacious area with camellias covered with jasmine. In the park, where you will frequently encounter jasmine, you can relax in the company of a beautiful fragrance.

Restaurants and Hotels in Basaksehir


  • Holiday Inn Istanbul is a five-star hotel with many privileges, such as room availability and amenities that visitors enjoy.
  • Hampton by Hilton is a luxurious five-star hotel that is close to the airports and the city center.


  • Albatros Restaurant is a restaurant right by the seaside and offers seafood. The visitors can enjoy the view with delicious food.
  • Sopung is an Asian restaurant known for its sushi and mouth-watering Korean cuisine.

Education and Health Services

21 primary schools, 18 secondary schools, 1 General High School (Straight High School), 4 Anatolian High Schools, 1 Multi-Program High School, and 6 Vocational Technical Education High Schools are operating under the state in the district. There are also secondary schools, five kindergartens (Preschool Education Institution), 1 Guidance and Research Center, 1 Public Education Center, and 1 Vocational Education Center in the district. 

Private education institutions are operating within the scope of Private Education Institutions Law No. 5580. 1 Anatolian Fine Arts and Sports High School, 1 Anatolian Communication Vocational High School, 2 Private Anatolian Health Vocational High School, 3 Private Vocational-Technical High School, 10 Anatolian High Schools, 2 Science High Schools, 1 Science and Technology High School, 21 Private High Schools, 12 Private Turkish Primary Schools, 10 Private Turkish Secondary Schools, 55 Private Turkish Preschool Education Institutions (Kindergarten), 10 Various Private Courses, 28 Private Tutoring are under this title, mentioned above. 

There are 14 Private Motor Vehicle Drivers' Courses, 10 Special Student Study Education Centers, 7 Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers, and 5 Private Student Dormitories. In the 4th stage of Bahcesehir, there is one state hospital and six health centers throughout the district.


The TEM highway passes through the southern part of the district. The line's extension as suburban is frequently on the agenda. After the ongoing metro work is completed, the rail system will pass through Basak Houses and industrial center Ikitelli and reach the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. 

Thus, it is expected that access to the industrial center of Ikitelli and Ataturk Olympic Stadium will be easier. And thus the interest in the region will increase. A northern road connecting disconnected districts is to be constructed shortly.

The timing from a different area to reach the Basaksehir is Taksim 31 minutes, Besiktas 30 minutes, Kadikoy 38 minutes, Sisli 32 minutes, Bakirkoy 20 minutes, Levent 27 minutes, Sariyer 32 minutes, New Airport 19 minutes, Sabiha Gokcen 50 minutes.

Entertainment and Social Life

The district's social life is mainly in the Sular Valley and the artificial pond in Bahcesehir with its surroundings. The pond in Bahcesehir is Turkey's largest artificial lake. Apart from that, Ataturk Olympic Stadium and Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium are located in this district. Developed by TOKI and Turkey's most prominent satellite town project of 65,000 housing Kayasehir the planned project is also within the district's boundaries.

 The largest and most luxurious shopping malls located in Basaksehir are the Mall of Istanbul, Olimpa shopping center, and Deposite Outlet Mall.


Basaksehir became a district of Istanbul in 2008. And, it is one of the leader regions in Istanbul for the real estate market now.

Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

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