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The Tulip Period

The Tulip Period is an era when people were interested in a flower: Tulip. It is a significant part of Ottoman history. This era was a prosperous period from 1718 to 1730, and it was described as a form of joy and pleasure.

Tulip (Laleh in Persian) is derived from the Persian word dolband (scarf) and then came to Turkish and changed to tulbent. Right after, it went into French and was named tulip.

The time had come when people started investing in tulip bulbs, increasing stock markets in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Leiden to such a point where traders affected the costs in every way possible to make more profits. This contagious illness of tulipomania had affected the whole society.

Soon the Tulip appeared in poetry, art, and music, love for the flower grew all over the city and became an inevitable part of daily life. And during the Mehmed IV era, a botanical research institute was established where different tulip types were investigated and named.

Construction and reconstruction of fields were initiated in the Tulip Era; the first publishing house, paper factory, tile factory, and all over Istanbul, the tulips were started to be planted in the gardens.

Istanbul Tulip Festival was launched first in 2005, held every year between April and May, with the motto that Istanbul meets its tulips. During the festival, the tulips bloom in the gardens and parks.

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