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Invest in Istanbul: Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu is one of the most leading regions of the European side as it combines both growth and history. Its location is excellent; because it is between the historical peninsula and the Istanbul Airport, great for attracting investors worldwide.

Zeytinburnu is the 11th largest district, surrounded by Fatih, Bayrampasa, Bakirkoy, Esenler, and the Marmara Sea, with a 288,743 population.

Environment of Zeytinburnu

It is a center of trade and industry, along its coastal overlook contributes to the increasing real estate value. Zeytinburnu is a fast-developing high-end coastal area that is culturally accelerated. Besides, the rise in multiple projects by the Marmara Sea, overlooking the Topkapi district, has increased the real estate value in Zeytinburnu.

Living standards are increasing day by day, attracting new industrial, commercial, and real estate investors. The luxury residential complexes have breathtaking sea views with technological home systems, allowing you to control your home from anywhere with either an app or a controller. 

Other apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu include features; such as elevators, fitness centers, internal parking, green areas, unique water pools, and generators.

Real Estate Investment in Zeytinburnu

Being an investor means you consider investing in something affordable and profitable at the same time. Depending on your budget, you can get anything, even a centrally located apartment in the center, at a low price.

You can get apartments with excellent payment plans suitable for your financial ability. Short-term rentals are available best for vacations. However, there also are very affordable sea view apartments with reasonable prices. When purchasing a property, one thinks about the future value of the property. The property value in Zeytinburnu is likely to go high in the future as the real estate market becomes more lucrative.

Zeytinburnu has many options for everyone, such as travelers, investors, or visitors. The district has accessible transportation facilities, social services, and entertainment facilities making your life luxurious and easy. Selecting the right house for you is essential, and so is consulting a learned real estate consultant who can help you make the right decision.

Bari Global has gained experience and knowledge in this field for over 30 years. Therefore we are happy to give you the service you need during your decision. There are some must-knows about the area associated with economic, financial, and social issues.

Our team of professionals, speaking different languages from Turkish, English, and Persian, to Urdu, help you out in matters of before and after property purchase and the Turkish Citizenship process with our partner Law Agency.

Attraction Centers in Zeytinburnu

Although Zeytinburnu is out of the tourism grid, there can still be many things for travelers to do. Most leisure activities, such as shopping malls or historical landmarks, are at the heart of Zeytinburnu.

Marmara Forum

In the last 15 years, Turkey has modernized shopping malls to have shopping, eating, and entertainment centers all under one roof. Marmara Forum is an architectural building with over 300 domestic and international brand stores. Marmara Forum is built on a 25,000 square meters area with entertainment facilities, such as a playground, cinema, bowling, and 60 different food options to choose from in the food court.

Church of Saint Mary of the Spring

The building pays homage to holy springs water, which the Byzantine citizens and rulers believe in having healing properties. The first church, built in the 5th century, was destroyed many times before the Ottomans knocked it down in the 15th century. The church is a significant Greek Orthodox pilgrim site in the Balikli district, just a few minutes' walk from the old city walls.

1453 Panorama Museum

1453 Panorama Museum, established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2009, has the title of the first full-panoramic museum in the world. Seen as one of the foremost places of Istanbul, the museum provides the visitors with reliving the conquest day of the city.

Restaurants and Hotels in Zeytinburnu


Here is a list of restaurants you can visit in Zeytinburnu to experience Turkish and World cuisines;

  • Mis Tat Doner & Tantuni Restaurant serves traditional food called Tantuni, and it is a favorite for many Turkish citizens and tourists who are meat lovers.
  • Aramgah Cafe Lounge has an ambiance of a modern restaurant, and the residents visit this place to grab something to eat with friends or family.
  • Afghan Restaurant is a must-see spot if you are looking to try new cultures and foods or are a fan of Afghan culture.
  • Nov’ist Restaurant with its modern and fresh ambiance is considered to be a more luxurious place. With its beautiful ambiance, the tourists and residents enjoy fine dining.


Some of the hotels in Zeytinburnu;

  • Hampton by Hilton Istanbul Zeytinburnu is one of the best hotels in Istanbul as it is from the company Hilton. It has a minimalistic and modern design where tourists can enjoy the location benefits of Zeytinburnu.
  •  Having a sea view, Novotel Istanbul Zeytinburnu is known to be a stylish hotel. As it is closer to the airport, the hotel has many advantages.
  • Ibis Istanbul Zeytinburnu is known for its view and modern interior design. The staff has a reputation for being very professional and hygienic. It has amenities such as outdoor pools, fitness centers, and restaurants.
  • Ottoperla Hotel is a hotel in Zeytinburnu, having a modern interior design and a beautiful view of the Marmara Sea. This hotel is chosen because of its location and luxury experience.

Education in Zeytinburnu

Some of the educational institutes in Zeytinburnu;

  • Ismek Zeytinburnu Seyyid Nizam
  • Zuhtu Kurtulmus Anatolian High School
  • Istinye University
  • MEF International Schools Istanbul