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Invest in Istanbul: Uskudar

Uskudar is one of the leading districts of Istanbul, having a long history from the past to the present. Due to the beauty of its natural texture since ancient times, it has always been a center of attraction.

Location of Uskudar

It is located at the beginning point of the Bosphorus, which provides comfort in transportation between Asia and Europe. It has also shown itself with its popularity in social life with its privileged position and has a culturally rich place.

Maiden's Tower, which is the symbol of Uskudar, is located on this peninsula. Apart from that, essential areas, such as 15 Temmuz Sehitler Bridge, Kuleli Military High School, Beylerbeyi Palace, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, and Semsi Pasha Mosque, have prioritized the district. 

Uskudar offers many transportation services, such as Metro, Metrobus, Marmaray, and IDO. Therefore, it is seen as the most comfortable place to live in Istanbul. After the victory of Istanbul on May 29, 1453, Uskudar developed rapidly. 

While Uskudar was previously a small Anatolian town, the first cores that will form a city texture after the conquest of Istanbul started to appear. In the era of Fatih, Uskudar was almost re-established.

Uskudar is a district located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. When it comes to the location of Uskudar, Beykoz is to the north, Umraniye is to the northeast, Atasehir is to the east, the Bosphorus from the west, Kadıkoy from the south surround Uskudar.

Historical Background of Uskudar

The population of Uskudar, which consists of 33 neighborhoods, has been determined to have 534,970 people, according to the 2014 ADNKS data. Uskudar, which had the status of a province until 1926, became a district with the legal arrangement made in the same year and got connected to Istanbul. 

Kadikoy, Beykoz, in 1930 and Umraniye separated from Uskudar in 1987 and became districts. On the other hand, Ornek, Esatpasa, and Fetih neighborhoods were connected to the Atasehir district in 2008.

Uskudar is one of the essential Turkish settlements in Istanbul, which has gone through a significant development activity ever since the Ottoman period. Uskudar was decorated with structures, such as social complexes, mosques, baths, fountains, and Bosphorus beaches with palaces, seaside palaces, and mansions. Maiden's Tower is one of the primary structures.

Property Investment in Uskudar

The Uskudar area is one of the must-lived locations in the Marmara Sea area with exquisite views over the Bosphorus and on the European side, making it a central region for real estate investment. Recently, there has been an increase in demand for property for sale in Uskudar; according to the latest statistics, the average sales rate of real estate was 350 apartments per month.

The Uskudar area is in a great location with increasing investments made in the construction area. It makes Uskudar one of the most remarkable centers, holding luxurious residential and commercial properties.

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Attraction Centers in Uskudar

Camlica Hill is a popular spot to visit in Uskudar for its view and beautiful restaurants. Uskudar Coast Walkway is a road often used by the residents to go for a walk next to the Bosphorus and enjoy the view and fresh air. Beylerbeyi Palace Historic Tunnel was constructed in 1832, and it connects Beylerbeyi with Cengelkoy. Many tourists visit this spot every year for its architectural beauty.

Maiden's Tower was made during the Byzantine period and is one of the main spots in Istanbul. With its beautiful stories and location, many homes in Uskudarhave a view of this historical virtue. Yeni Valide Mosque from the 18th century was built during the Ottoman Empire. The historical Mosque is still open to this day for visitors. It is known as an architectural masterpiece.

Istanbul State Theater in UskudarTekel Stage was built during the years 1798-1802 as a place to stock tobacco. Later during the 1950s, it was renovated and turned into a museum and later a theatre.

The Emaar aquarium is a zoo underwater with an aquarium. It has animals from all around the world ready for its visitors. Visitors who are adults with kids enjoy this atmosphere by the mesmerizing views.

Hotels and Restaurants in Uskudar

Restaurants in Uskudar

  • Garden 1897 Restaurant is a restaurant established in 1897 and has outside seating areas for customers to enjoy its prehistoric ambiance.
  • Bridge Restaurant has been a restaurant best known for its location and the Bosphorus view. The restaurant offers fine dining for your loved ones.
  • Kuzguncuk Steakhouse is a well-known steakhouse near the coast. It offers casual dining outdoors and indoors.
  • La Colina Restaurant & Bar has a rooftop option with modern luxury with the Bosphorus view.
  • Kitchenette is a restaurant chain throughout Turkey that offers a cozy environment to its customers.

Hotels in Uskudar

  • Bosphorus Palace Hotel is a former mansion transformed into a hotel right next to the sea. The hotel holds its luxurious position by the historical buildings inside, besides the beautiful view from the rooms.
  • Sumahan on the water is known to be one of the best hotels in Istanbul. The view from the rooms makes the visitors get the best experience in Istanbul as it looks over to the Bosphorus. Its luxurious design and many amenities attract tourists from all around the world.

Education in Uskudar

Some of the leading educational and cultural institutions in Istanbul are within the borders of the Uskudar District. One of the best high schools known in Turkey is located in the Uskudar District, and it's called Uskudar American Academy. 

Today, some Marmara University units in the historical structure used to be the Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-i Sahane building and later served the Haydarpasa High School. The hospital belonging to this university is also in Altunizade. 

Other higher education institutions in Uskudar are Istanbul Sehir University, 29 Mayıs University, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, Ozyegin University, and Uskudar University. Kandilli Observatory has been united with Bogazici University since 1982.

There are 36 pre-school education institutions within the district's boundaries, 87 primary education schools, 65 official and 22 private, 21 private, and 29 official secondary education institutions.

Transportation in Uskudar

Car ferry voyages between Uskudar, Kabatas, and Sirkeci were terminated after the Bosphorus Bridge opening. Car ferry trips are between Harem Pier and Sirkeci now. The Harem Bus Station, the Anatolian Side Bus Terminal located around this pier, still has an importance in road transportation between various centers in Anatolia and Istanbul, although not as much as before.

The pillar of the July 15 Sehitler Bridge on the Anatolian side is within the district's boundaries. The D-100 Highway, formerly known as E-5, extends to the Harem region. E-5 is one of the main roads in Istanbul, separated from this highway by a crossroad in the Uzuncayir area, reaching the July 15 Sehitler Bridge. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, another route that separates this ring road from the foothills of Kucuk Camlıca, provides a connection with the ring road.

The district has not been able to benefit from the waterways adequately since highways gained importance. There are scheduled ferryboats by city lines between certain piers on the Bosphorus (Uskudar, Kuzguncuk, Beylerbeyi, CengelkOy, Kandilli) and certain piers on the opposite shore (Uskudar-Eminonu). The motor voyages between Uskudar Pier and Besiktas, Kabatas, and Sirkeci are also crucial in terms of meeting transportation needs.

After the Marmaray project's completion, Uskudar became the most important transportation and trade center of Istanbul. And a new underground station was opened in Uskudar.

You can reach Uskudar from Taksim in 23 minutes, Besiktas in 21 minutes, Kadikoy in 13 minutes, Sisli in 27 minutes, Bakirkoy in 28 minutes, and Levent in 13 minutes, Sariyer in 32 minutes, Istanbul Airport in 51 minutes, and Sabiha Gokcen Airport in 35 minutes.

Entertainment and Social Life in Uskudar

Kukis Acibadem

With a friendly and hygienic environment, you can have everything from salty to sweet, breakfast to delicious desserts, with your friends over a cup of tea.

Café La Venue

Designed with beautiful interior décor, a must-visit place for people wanting to have a coffee break and love books.

Cinaralti Family Tea Garden

Here people can enjoy tea with a view. Or, you can bring your food from home and enjoy the freshly brewed tea here.


Uskudar is one of the leading investment regions of the Asian side with its cultural heritage and amazing Bosphorus view.

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