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Invest in Istanbul: Fatih

Fatih is a district of Istanbul, having many historical sites from the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods, including beautiful Palaces, churches, mosques, fountains, and museums. In 685 BC, Fatih was the capital of many civilizations such as the Romans, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. The Megaran commander Byzas founded the city Byzantion in 685 BC, and the first settlers of the region were Greeks.

During the Roman Empire's extension, the city was declared the capital by Emperor Constantine, and its name was changed to Constantinople. The Roman Empire collapsed in 395, and this situation led the Eastern Roman Empire to rule, which was known as the Byzantine Empire.

Cultural Heritage of Fatih

The city was ruled by the Byzantine Empire until the Ottoman Empire's conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmed. The Byzantine period left an immense cultural heritage for Istanbul with sights like Hagia Sophia, Chora Church, Great Palace Mosaics Museum, and many more Byzantine heritages.

After Istanbul's conquest, the city became an impressive capital of the Ottoman Empire. The city had beautiful mosques, palaces, and mansions along the Historical Peninsula and the shores of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. Fatih complex, Suleymaniye Mosque, Sehzade Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Blue Mosque are great examples of Ottoman heritage.

Property Investment in Fatih

The Fatih district is surrounded by many significant projects such as newly built houses and apartments for sale at reasonable prices, allowing investors with high investment returns.

Property investment in Fatih offers investors value for money, a low cost of living, stunning views, and the opportunity to enjoy income prospects through renting. Investors can get Turkish citizenship through their real estate investments. Buying a property in Fatih offers you several advantages because real estate is a dynamic market and highly demanded by investors.

Fatih is the heart of education, health, and marketing, which allows you to make investing a beneficial decision in this area. And to select the right house for you, it is essential to consult an experienced real estate consultant who can help you make the right decision.

As Bari Global, we help you in your decision by finding the right house at the right location for your property investment in Istanbul. Our team of professionals speaking different languages from Turkish, English, Persian, and Urdu helps your property purchase and the Turkish Citizenship process with our partner Law Agency.

Attraction Centers in Fatih

Fatih is famous as the Historical Peninsula, drawing tourists' attention with its ambiance, cultural atmosphere, and property investments.

Grand Bazaar