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Invest in Istanbul: Avcilar

Avcilar stands out from other districts because of its educated young population and being a cultural neighborhood in the western side of Istanbul with 435,625 people population. And with the excellent infrastructure, the district is easily accessible.

Avcilar area is located in the European side of Istanbul to the south of Esenyurt along the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake, and the east side is Beylikduzu. It got fame for its location adjacent to the vital roads in Istanbul near the city's urban places and the new Istanbul Canal Project.

The area attracts investors and tourists for its unique sea views of its beautiful beach. It was established as an independent municipality on 3rd June 1992 and is considered the city's busiest area.

Location of Avcilar

Avcilar is named after the fishermen who lived here to protect the villages and farms. These fishermen would practice fishing all the time at the shores of Kucukcekmece Lake and the Marmara Sea. Avcilar area gained historical importance for having some of the old Ottoman architecture, such as the Royal Fishin Inn.

Additionally, the new Canal project in Istanbul passes through the Kucukcekmece Lake opposite Avcilar, giving the real estate market an added value. Avcilar has a solid connection to Istanbul's city center through the E-5 and D-100 highways passing through Avcilar's borders. Avcilar is 26 kilometers from Taksim Square, the city center. However, it is well-connected with public transportations like Metrobus.

Property Investment in Avcilar

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Attraction Centers of Avcilar

Alongside Avcilar's beautiful coast, there are many exciting and entertaining facilities for tourists and locals. Some of the famous attractions are the Snow Museum and Avcilar Beach Park.

There are many restaurants and cinemas in the center of the area. Plus, it is known for its bustling nightlife and crowded shopping malls, street food, Turkish restaurants, and international food chains.

Avcilar Istanbul Beach

Avcilar Istanbul Beach has a beautiful view, with paths designed for walking and cycling along the Coastline. The Coastline offers a fresh atmosphere, attracting people towards it. There are areas for children to play such as the Avcilar Sahil Park and the Martyr Mustafa Burcu Park.

Marmara Avcilar Market

Due to the Avcilar markets' diversity, its streets thrive with life, offering a unique opportunity to shop from modern and traditional shops. The restaurants successfully present western and local Turkish foods and sweets.

Snow Museum

It is located in the Torium Mall opposite Avcilar on the outskirts of Esenyurt. Residents and tourists visit the museum to enjoy snow and snow activities in summer. It is suitable for both children and adults. The whole family can have fun here and not feel bored at all.

Pelican Mall

Pelican Mall is located on the E-5 Highway within a few minutes walk from the Avcilar Government Hospital. It is a large commercial complex with various merchandise types, having sections of household, food, electrical, and electronic goods. Pelican Mall has nine cinemas and various recreational facilities like the ice-skating hall, bowling alley, and many other luxurious restaurants and cafes.

Haluk Perk Museum

Haluk Perk Museum has many cultural assets, such as the artifacts belonging to Urartians, Hittites, and Byzantines, exhibited free of charge. The museum introduces each period of Anatolian culture, and if you are interested in the historical artifacts, you must visit the Halul Park Museum in Avcilar.

Ataturk House Museum

Ataturk's house was built on five acres of land against the Sea, similar to where he was born in Thessaloniki. The Ataturk House Museum attracts attention with its architecture and location and helps you experience a nostalgic journey to the past.

Beach Park and Marmara Street

One of the remarkable places in Avcilar and its surroundings is Beach Park. It is a meeting point for people who want to enjoy and relax in the fresh air; you can have a picnic here on weekends, play games, fly kites, and enjoy summer concerts, sports, and hiking trails.

Marmara avenue is the first stop for visitors to see Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's statue at the entrance. The street is crowded because of restaurants and cafes, and it is also close to the Bus, and Metrobus stations.

Restaurants and Hotels

The cafes and restaurants in the district provide you with all kinds of culinary experiences, from Turkish to world cuisines, besides the hotels.

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Istanbul, a five-star hotel chain, and its luxurious design has many amenities the visitors can use.
  • Hotel Emirhan Palace is a brand new hotel in Avcilar, having an interior design inspired by the Ottoman Empire. The visitors can enjoy their travel with a sea view hotel.

Education in Avcilar

Avcilar district has many educational institutions. Among these institutions, there is Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Avcilar Campus which has Engineering, Veterinary, and Sport Sciences and Technical Sciences faculties on campus. Istanbul Gelisim University is also in the Avcilar district.

Transportation in Avcilar

Avcilar is accessible with bus services from Taksim, Bakirkoy, and Mecidiyekoy, but the fastest way is by Metrobus. It can also be reached through the IDO, Istanbul sea buses.

Entertainment and Social Life

Avcilar has many restaurants, fish restaurants, cafes, and entertainment centers, especially in the Ambarlı Coastline. When it comes to social facilities, Merkez, Denizkoskler, Ambarlı, and Cihangir are the most prominent neighborhoods. You can attend various activities and free courses in Baris Manco Cultural Center or the city center where social activities are organized.

Night Life

There are many pubs, nightclubs, and bars in the district's coastal part if you want to spend time with the sea view.

Cinema and Theater

The cultural attraction centers of Avcilar are the City houses, associations and art centers, dozens of theaters, and movie theaters. Many festivals and entertainment are held in the cultural centers welcoming people from all districts and surrounding areas.


Marmara avenue is the favorite place for shoppers, with many cafes, restaurants, and ATMs. The street has everything you would need, from textiles to accessories. Shopping malls and outlet shops around Avcilar provide opportunities to guests with numerous entertainment venues.


Avcilar area is located on the European side of Istanbul, in the south of Esenyurt along the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake.

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