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Turquoise Card Conditions

Who Can Acquire Turquoise Card?

  • People with qualified profiles, for example; a high quality of education, the experience of work, knowledge on specific fields of study, contribution to scientific research,
  • People who are ready to invest in employment for more job opportunities in society, capable of investment,
  • Researchers who have been admitted to be fruitful in contributing to science, technology, and industry,
  • People with international success and experience in the fields of art, culture, or sports,
  • People who contribute to the works, such as recognition and promotion of Turkey or Turkish culture, and carry out international activities according to the national interests of the Republic of Turkey.

Those who contribute to the Republic of Turkey with the qualifications given will be admitted to Turquoise Card and be welcomed to Turkey, the culture, and society successfully, and will be promised to represent the country beneficially.

Applicants with these qualities are given a work permit in Turkey, and they can apply directly for a Turquoise Card if they live in Turkey. If they live outside of Turkey, they should find a legal representation office in their own country to apply.

The Turquoise Card is given with three years of transition process clarified at first. In this process, the applicant cannot stay outside of Turkey without the permitted time specified by the government. If the card is not canceled, with the applicants' form given to the government, this transition time will be out of date and will be infinite in time.

This form can be delivered within 180 days of the expiring date. After the period, the form will not be considered by the officials, and the Turquoise Card will be invalid.

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