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Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The Turkish legislation has made it possible for foreigners to apply for and get their Turkish citizenship. Once their application is completed, the applicant’s family members also become eligible for citizenship. Namely, the spouse and children under the age of 18 can apply for it.

Turkish citizenship can be acquired in various ways. But the most popular one for foreigners is to make a real estate investment of $400,000 with the condition of not selling the property for at least three years. The following steps are required to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment:

  • First, you need to enter Turkey with a valid visa.
  • After entering, the applicant should sign a power of attorney to appoint a representative to manage all the application processes for Turkish citizenship, such as getting a tax number and a bank account, purchasing a property, and submitting the application.
  • The applicant then must open a Turkish bank account to maintain the process.
  • The foreigner then must look for properties to purchase. It is important not to sell the property for at least three years to get citizenship by real estate investment. After the purchase, it is required to have the title deed.
  • An official survey with the submission of the receipt of the bank transfer to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is required to ensure that the actual value of the property equals the contract.
  • After the investment, the application can be submitted alongside the supporting documents. It is issued within 2-3 weeks by the Directorate General of Migration. After receiving the residence permit application for citizenship can be made.

Lastly, once all the checks are completed for the process, the application is sent to the Turkish Presidency for a final decision. After this, the application is delivered to the Civil Registry for the Turkish ID and passport.

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