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Strategic Zone

Turkey’s strategic location is a winning formula as it is located at the crossroads of Europe and Central Asia. It is in the middle of four regions, seen as the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, and Gulf. Also, it is located on the Anatolian Peninsula with three seas around it: the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Aegean Sea.

It has grown into a regional hub for manufacturers as the most important car manufacturers have factories located in Turkey. German automaker Mercedes has made enormous foreign direct investments in Turkey within 50 years. It has brought more than 960 million Euros. Auto suppliers develop the world's most unique manufacturing zone, generating an annual revenue of 2.5 billion.

American multinational Procter & Gamble has been in Turkey for 30 years. And only a quarter of its production is exported, while the remaining goes to the young and dynamic domestic market. Turkey is one of the top 20 world economies. It has its sights set on going up to the top 10 in the coming five years, which requires significant investment in the country’s infrastructure. The third airport was built in Istanbul alongside a new modern seaport, operating for quite some time.

The fully automated computerized system provides a real boost to productivity to the cranes that load and unload containers, being a source of boosting the Turkish economy. Turkey’s economic relations are increasing with Europe as it can provide new routes for oil and gas to many countries like the Caspian region, Central Asia, and the Wider Middle East.

Turkey and its strategic zone will gain a lot more dimension and meaning in the future than it does now.

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