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Property Tax

Property tax is considered a wealth tax, representing the wealth of real estate property, such as land, terrain, and building.

Turkey removed the granting of property tax statements that have a significant place in practice, and the taxpayers' notifications regarding their properties are made through the Property Tax Notification Form.

The notification form includes the identity, address, title deed, and taxation information of the taxpayer. But the base information is not provided on the form, so it does not qualify for declaration.

According to this information, the municipal authorities assess the taxpayer. And to the information in these declarations, discretions are made every four years. The tax value for the next year is calculated by taking into consideration the discretion.

Buildings located within Turkey’s territory are subjected to the real estate tax. That’s why the building taxpayers are paying taxes only for buildings in Turkey. For example, the taxpayers' buildings abroad are not covered by this tax, and at the same time, incomplete constructions under construction are not considered buildings.

Completed flats or workplaces, having residence or use permits are considered buildings even if they are not in use.

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