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Population and Language of Turkey

Turkey’s surface area is 785.347 sqm. It consists of 81 administrative provinces and seven geographical regions. With the remarkable diverse history of nations and cultures, there are many accents and notes specific to the regions.

Istanbul has the highest population density with 2,910 people, followed by Kocaeli and Izmir with 528 and 360 people respectively. Turkey’s internal migration statistics show that around 27,906,368 people relocated to Turkey in 2017, and the number has been increasing day by day since then.

The provinces where people relocated most are Cankiri, Ordu, Sivas, Mugla, and Antalya. Tunceli is the province with the lowest population density, having 11 people per square kilometer. Konya’s population density ranks at number 57, but Yalova is a small area, having only 310 people.

Half of Turkey’s population is of 32 years and under with a median age of 32.7 for men and 31.4 for women. The young population has a positive impact on the economy for investors offering many opportunities, with that Turkey has a dynamic market with a young and educated population compared to Europe offering opportunities to the labor market.

Turkey’s official language is Turkish. And in the 42nd Article of the constitution, it is laid down that the mother tongue ‘Turkish’ will be the only language used to teach children in the education systems. However, the children are taught foreign languages within set guidelines, such as German, Spanish and French, but English is the most preferred second language. It is taught starting from the early years of primary education until their graduation.

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