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Income Tax

Revenue is the income and earnings gained by one person in a calendar year between 1st January to 31st December after all deductions are made. The income tax subjects can be goods, services, income, expenses, capital, savings, consumption, assets, wealth, actions, events, etc.

Liability of Income Tax

Income tax in Turkey includes limited liability to tax and full obligation concepts. A full obligation is a form of liability where a person's earnings and revenues from inside or outside Turkey are charged a tax.

People residing in Turkey continuously for more than six months are considered settled here, and they are obligated for income tax now. Turkish citizens living in other countries also are considered to be taxpayers.

Some foreigners who stay for more than six months in Turkey are not considered settled here are;

  • People who visit Turkey for work, science, education, journalists, etc.
  • People who have been detained, convicted, or were ill.

Turkish citizens living in foreign countries are subject to official offices, institutions, and organizations in Turkey.

Turkish citizens living in other countries are taxed on full liability for the affairs of the apartments, institutions, organizations, and undertakings.

Elements of Income Tax

These aspects are taken into consideration for the income tax on the income of a person in Turkey:

  • Commercial Gains
  • Agricultural Gains
  • Fees
  • Self-Employed Earnings
  • Real Estate Capital Gains
  • Securities Capital Gains
  • Other Revenues

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