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Earthquake Insurance

Compulsory earthquake insurance is an insurance system for buildings within municipal boundaries.

The buildings which are registered as title deeds, and which have private houses built on immovable are subject to the private ownership to the independent sections within the Floor Ownership Law to the independent sections used within these buildings for commercial purposes, offices, and other purposes.

Houses built by the state because of natural disasters, the easement has been established in the buildings. And the deeds have not been revised, and title deeds in the qualification of land, buildings appearing as land cooperative houses have not yet been allocated compulsory earthquake insurance.

Insurance for buildings that do not have independent title deeds can be made based on the declaration of the insurer and the land title deed information.

Buildings that are out of the insurance scope are;

  • Buildings that are registered in the village account and built by the inhabitants of the village and surrounding areas,
  • Commercial or industrial buildings and buildings not yet receiving engineering services,
  • Buildings that are weakened and affecting the carrier system,
  • Buildings that are decided to be demolished by the authorized public institutions,
  • Buildings that are not suitable to be used as an abode, are in disrepair, dilapidated, or abandoned.

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