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The Romantic Istanbul

It is a worldwide concept of going for newlyweds to go for vacations. There could not be any other romantic city than Istanbul, with its top romantic spots where couples can enjoy exploring historical sites throughout the day.

Following are the romantic places in Istanbul for couples:

Turkish Bath Massage

Couples can enjoy a Turkish bath at any historical Hammams in Istanbul by getting a massage followed by a cleansing routine, famous worldwide activity to do while in Istanbul.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

A natural waterway runs right through Istanbul. You can explore the city and landmarks by having dinner on a cruise at the Bosphorus and enjoy the view.

Galata Tower and Maiden Tower

A stone tower in Karakoy built in the 14th Century is a Romanesque-style tower. The Maiden's Tower, also known as Leander's Tower, is situated at the Bosphorus Straits entrance; both places have a romantic tale that is an excellent place for couples to visit.

According to the legends: A young man named Leandros was in love with a nun named Hero, living in the tower. Hero used to put up a fire to guide Leandros to that place every night. But one night, the fire was put out because of the storm, and Leandros drowned in the Bosphorus. That tragedy made Hero very upset by the loss that she committed suicide.

The Galata Tower's legends are that the Romans believed if a man and woman came together here, they would get married.

Restaurants and Cafes in Ortakoy

Ortakoy is a romantic and wonderful neighborhood to visit for couples having lovely art galleries, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and cafes for them to explore.

Princes' Islands

Group of Islands with horse carts and foot as the only mode of transportation, built with European architecture, has romantic hotels and beaches where the couples can enjoy the clean air walking along the romantic streets. There are many historical places to visit on Princes' Islands.

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