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The Historical Istanbul

Hagia Sophia

The Church of the Holy Wisdom is a significant structure of Byzantine times. It was built as a Christian church and later converted to a mosque, then a museum. And now, it is a mosque. This building reflects the religious changes over time and is one of the most visited places by tourists.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is a museum in Istanbul exhibiting the collections of the Ottoman empire in the form of books and manuscripts in the library. The Topkapi Palace is notable for its architecture and the history and culture it holds.

Hagia Eirene

One of the few churches not converted into a mosque, Hagia Eigene is located in the outer courtyard of Topkapi Palace. You can visit the Hagia Irene to admire the Byzantine architecture, perform, or be a spectator to contemporary performances. It functions both as a museum and a concert hall.

Grand Bazaar

Ever since the 15th Century, it has been one of the largest markets globally, hosting 300 shops that locals and tourists visit every day for their traditional and modern shopping. There are all kinds of items in the Grand Bazaar.

Underground Cistern

Locally known as the Yerebatan Sarayı, it was the main water reservoir of Constantinople built in the 4th Century during Emperor Constantine’s reign. It was used as the Great Palace and Topkapi Palace’s water storage.

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