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The Genius of Sinan

Mimar Sinan, the most fabulous and talented architect in the Ottoman Empire, had worked for ten years, transforming Istanbul and other Turkish cities' landscapes with his masterpieces. Mimar Sinan was born in 1490 near Kayseri, and acquired his knowledge of building by helping his father. The latter was a carpenter and later attended a school where he learned mathematics and architecture.

By proving his worth as an architect and engineer, he got promoted to chief architect in 1537. He got the power to tear down any structure that did not follow the city plan in Cairo. Sinan assisted in the construction of defenses and bridges during military campaigns in the east.

Mimar Sinan designed around 370 structures, including 92 mosques, 55 schools, 20 shrines, 17 imarets, three hospitals, six aqueducts, ten bridges, 20 roadside inns, 36 palaces, and 48 baths. The masterpieces in Istanbul that serve the timeline for his career are The Sehzade Mosque and The Suleymaniye Mosque.

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