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The Byzantine Istanbul

Istanbul’s history dates back to 2,700 years, as the capital of the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman Empires; Today, Istanbul is a modern city with Byzantine architecture. From the Hippodrome of Constantinople to the Chora Church, there are countless landmarks to explore and learn about Byzantine history.

Several important Byzantine heritage sites in Istanbul are:


Served as the sports and social center of Constantinople, The Hippodrome is in Sultanahmet, surrounded by historical sights and museums with very few fragment structures that have survived to date.

It used to host 40,000 people and was free of charge for the males of the empire. There were eight different games played throughout the day, making it a lively and powerful symbol of the Byzantine Empire.

Hagia Eirene

Hagia Eirene is one of many churches which have not been converted into a mosque yet and are located in the outer courtyard of Topkapi Palace. You can visit the Hagia Irene to admire the Byzantine architecture, perform, or as a spectator of the performances. It functions both as a museum and a concert hall.

Monastery of the Pantocrator

It is the second-largest building built by the Byzantines in the city. Anyone interested in architecture and history can visit. The monastery of the Pantocrator serves as the best place to relax and admire the beautiful design.

Walls of Constantinople

They are the defensive stone walls surrounding all sides of the city built by Constantine the Great to protect Constantinople from invaders. The Ottomans, in 1453, broke the walls. However, they still held firm and remained unbroken even when they used gunpowder technology in warfare.

Anyone interested in history and who wants to see the city from a different angle can visit. However, without a guide explaining the significance of the wall, it can get boring.

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