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Stay in Istanbul

Istanbul is a favorite city to visit for its architecture and history for travelers. Once you have your tickets booked, the next step is the hotel, and you must be thinking, where should I stay In Istanbul? Or how to make a budget trip to Istanbul?

The perfect location to stay in is a crucial decision to make, so here is a list of the neighborhoods you can investigate to make your stay in Istanbul as wonderful as possible.

Sultan Ahmet - The Old Town

The historical and cultural heart of Istanbul, Sultanahmet, is the most popular part of the city with main attractions like the Grand Bazar, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace, within walking distance of all the tourist attraction points.

Nightlife is very calm in Sultanahmet, so it can be a good thing for visitors who want to tranquilize and relax, but it might not be a good choice for someone who wants to party. It depends on your preference.

Taksim - The Night Life Hub

The Beyoglu district is an excellent location for nightlife, restaurants, and cafes, having easy access to transportation to attractions and other parts of the city. The famous landmark is the Galata Tower. You can enjoy walking along the streets and exploring the souvenir shops with various food and juice stalls.

Taksim has options available for budget travelers, from hotels to Airbnb to Couchsurfing. You should visit Istiklal Street, enjoy the Islak Burger (Wet Burger) and taste various kinds of Baklavas and other sweets as you walk Istiklal Street.

Karakoy - Suitable Budget

If you are wondering where to stay on a strict budget, Karakoy is a significant part of the Beyoglu district. It is located near the famous Golden Horn, having all the budgeted hotels, including Airbnb's. The charismatic street has street cafes and restaurants serving the traditional dishes of Turkey.

On the other hand, if you admire art, you should not miss the Istanbul Modern Art Museum to appreciate the fascinating architecture.


Besiktas is a district close to the Bosphorus, where you can enjoy corn on the cob, Turkish tea, and simit while taking a stroll near the water. It is the perfect location to stay to experience the best of both worlds for art lovers as it has Museums, Churches, and Galleries.

Taking the Bosphorus night cruise, you can take a photo at one of the most famous Instagram spots, the Bosphorus Bridge.

Besides, you can visit the romantic Ortakoy Coast and enjoy the Bosphorus Bridge view. Or you can discover the Ortakoy Mosque, then shop from the street vendors there. You can use the Istanbul Transportation Card to take Ferry to the Asian side and Prince's Islands.

You may learn about Turkish ships and military history by visiting the Naval Museum and the famous Dolmabahce Palace with 300 rooms, where you can understand why all clocks are set at 9:05.

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