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Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul is well known for its fashion and offers various shopping options, from local brands to international brands, so shopping is one of the best things to do in Istanbul. Istanbul has everything from different types of styles to budgets.

Originating from the Ottoman Empire, the historical bazaars in Istanbul have various shopping options, from the Carpets to the Evil eye or different tea tastes.

Bazaars of Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar

The tourist's favorite shopping place, Grand Bazaar, has spices, dry fruits, gold and silver jewelry, shoes, and clothes. When you are in Istanbul, you should not miss this shopping spot.

Spice Bazaar

Near the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar is where you can find all types of spices.

Street Markets

Worth visiting street markets in Istanbul are:

  • Thursday Market in Ortakoy
  • Sunday Market in Besiktas and Bakirkoy
  • Tuesday Market in Kadikoy

Women's Bazaar in Fatih

If you are looking to buy or explore a variety of spices and herbs, you can come to the Women's Bazaar in Fatih, also known as Siirt Bazar. Flavors of Turkey's Southern cities are available to taste. The Bazaar also has honey varieties and cheese stands.

Shopping Malls in Istanbul

Istanbul has more than 200 biggest shopping malls in all of Europe, with various brands at the best prices.

Some of the touristic famous shopping malls are:

Istinye Park

It is located in Sariyer with 300 stores with various brands and is one of the famous shopping malls with cinemas, food, and activity areas.

Forum Istanbul

Forum Istanbul Mall is one of the largest residential and shopping centers in Istanbul, with 286 local and international brands, activities, and food places. Forum Istanbul houses famous brands such as Ikea, Large Aquarium, and Legoland.


Cevahir Mall houses 200 stores in Sisli with various brands, restaurants, cinemas, fitness center food, and activity areas.


Located in Levent, Kanyon has 117 stores, 26 restaurants, a fitness center, a cinema, and a car park capacity for 2,300 cars.

Vadi Istanbul

It is located very close to the city center and has many options for all budgets in their stores. Because of many amenities for its customers, it is considered one of the most modern and upscale shopping malls in Turkey.

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