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People of Istanbul

Even though Turkish people are big on traditions; however, they still enjoy life and loosen up once in a while, and are family-oriented. And some choose to live with their families until they get married and start their own families. They deeply respect the notion of friendship.

On the other hand, they are open to emotions and never shy away from expressing their beliefs. They also make sure that people around them are always in an enjoyable mood. Additionally, they like to celebrate and emphasize every tiny detail in life. The other great thing is that Turkish people believe in love and romance, and most of their songs from the past and today are about love. 

If you plan to travel here, it can be fantastic when you get a hold of some of these words, such as ‘Merhaba’ (Hello) and ‘Teşekkürler’ (Thank you), which help you with your stay here. If you do not get the hang of it, no need to worry as Turks are generally very relaxing, warm, and welcoming people. They will also love to teach you words if you ask them. Besides, the locals like to invite people they just met into their shops or even homes and treat them to famous Turkish tea or coffee.

Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

Turkey property alternatives come in a wide range of architectural approaches, unique designs, and social facilities. And various apartment, residence, penthouse, villa, and other home options are as close as a phone to you with Bari Global now!