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Enjoy in Istanbul

You can enjoy Istanbul by walking in the streets and exploring things on your own, and it is best done on your first day so you can get the hang of things.

If you travel alone, you can have a great time by taking a stroll along the Sultanahmet streets, and have a bagel, corn, mussel, and experiencing the Turkish ice cream trick, which the vendors do; it is the highlight for all visitors.

You can enjoy a picnic at Gulhane Park next to the Topkapi Palace by filling your picnic bag with Turkish sweets, snacks, and juices. Then you may sit beside a tree, read your book, admire the elderly couples sitting on the benches, have a joyous time seeing the kids playing, read a book, and absorb the beauty of nature.

And if you are traveling with children, they can have a blast at Gulhane Park's swings. Or you might explore the neighborhoods and spend your day wandering in the streets of Beyoglu, Fener & Balat, etc. The best thing about Istanbul is that every street has a story to tell; there is never a dull moment in Istanbul.

Do not forget to catch the sunset, as Istanbul has one of the prettiest sunsets with orange skies. Sunset at the Galata bridge has a mesmerizing view with three mosques but make sure to find your spot a little before sunset time for a relaxing time.

The Bosphorus cruise is the best way to enjoy both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. The most affordable way is to take the two-hour public ferry using your Istanbul Card for this activity. There are also private yachts that the visitors can rent for a more luxurious experience.

Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

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