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What Makes Luxury Apartments in Istanbul Special?

23/08/2021 What Makes Luxury Apartments in Istanbul Special?

Istanbul is a unique city. It is the bridge connecting the two continents with the beautiful Bosphorus, home to many incredible buildings, both historical and religious. And now, it is time for Istanbul to become your home.

What Are the Features That Make Istanbul's Apartments Different From Other Houses?


Increasing the quality of architecture in Turkey has covered a great distance in developing construction technologies that entirely focus on providing comfort and quality to people and making their lives convenient in their properties in Turkey. A luxury apartment is a spacious, high-end apartment with breathtaking views of the city alongside a high level of privacy and security in premium locations. 

High-quality amenities such as housewares, concierge, on-site parking, and many more opportunities such as movie theaters, fitness centers, swimming pools, and spas make these apartments much more appealing. Properties are located in desired areas by investors, near schools, universities, healthcare institutions, and business centers.

Good Investment

We welcome you here to explore the best investment options available in Turkey and get your Turkish passport and residence. Investors have various options for buying villas and luxury apartments in Istanbul between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East with mesmerizing views. 


One of the most prominent investment areas to buy a house in Turkey is the European side. It is home to some of the best projects of properties in Istanbul. For example, the Bosphorus, Beylikduzu, Zekeriyakoy, and the Bahcesehir area.

What Is a Luxury Apartment?

Since luxury apartments are well taken care of and include possibilities Turkish properties may not include, they might have a higher budget. They include amenities such as a walking course for your daily walk, sports centers, a playground, and rooms designed by interior designers. 

The use of high-end construction materials makes the luxury apartments in Istanbul long-lasting and available for generations. Furniture with a braking system, bathroom designs with specially made Jacuzzis, solid glass shower cabins, innovative shower systems, English-style cabins, and sliding doors make your life easier.

What Are the Criteria for Luxury Apartments?

Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for Turkish citizenship by investment. Turkish citizenship has been a dream of many with its glorious history, future, and culture. Turkish law allows foreigners to buy an apartment with no problems. Buying property in Turkey for foreigners is more accessible than ever. 

What makes them more appealing is the high-end structural features. Large windows, spacious bedrooms, stunning kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms with high ceilings are just several features. 

Luxury apartments offer high-end amenities not provided in regular apartments, such as fitness centers, pools, sports facilities, movie theaters, rooftop decks, and dog parks. And sometimes, even their location can be just enough.

Luxury apartments in Istanbul have roofs covered in copper or leads made of hardwood, aluminum, or plastered with heat insulation. Invisible lighting systems and suspended ceilings with sound insulation were used in their construction.

  1. The floor is covered with marble, natural stones, authentic wood, carpet, and specially made ceramics or granite.

  2. The stairs are made of natural stones, wrought iron, and hardwood railings.

  3. The windows are made from metal and chopped hardwood, with special glasses with natural stone.

  4. The doors are made of hardwood, padded engraved metal chests, and special glasses, and they have automatic control systems.

What Are the Benefits of Luxury Apartments in Istanbul?

Of course, the first advantage of these luxurious apartments is their beauty. They come with stunning views of the beautiful city of Istanbul put before you to watch and admire. Combined with the beauty of the apartment, they create an atmosphere that feels like home.

Every inch of the Turkish property has been maximized for the comfort of the residents. Amenities such as storage space and fitness centers are making life easier and more enjoyable for you.

The apartments were built using high-end materials to ensure a luxurious experience, and you can choose what suits your style the most. Professional interior architects design and prepare these luxury apartments in Turkey with top-notch materials.

Luxury apartments in Turkey also have smart home devices such as heating, lighting, and air conditioning. You can also control these devices from anywhere you want so that your home will always be the way you want it to be. 

Since the highest quality products were used in both the interior and the exterior parts of the apartments, they keep the maintenance cost low while also making your life as easier as an apartment possibly can.

These external details, such as the top-notch security systems will make your life easier and more comfortable. Apartments also provide security services such as guards, cameras, and additional security methods.

There is also the location of these apartments, of course. Located in the most central places, the public and personal transport are super easy and quick. On-site parking and walking distance to metro lines will save you a lot of time.

Social Facilities and Daily Life

Luxury apartments in Istanbul come with social facilities to ease daily life activities. Almost all of these apartments offer built-in fitness and wellbeing centers. Thanks to these convenient, large, and equipped fitness centers, you do not have to go somewhere else or pay for other fitness centers.

Luxury apartments also have facilities, such as swimming pools and spa centers, where you can relax, meditate and get therapeutic massages and facial treatments. You can also try the Turkish bath (hammam), one of the most important elements of Turkish traditions.

Your well-being is your priority in life. After a tiring and stressful day, you can relax and relieve your tiredness thanks to these centers just a few steps from your home. Or you can sit in your chair and watch the view in the sea view villas in Istanbul while tasting Turkish desserts.

In addition to these, they also have gardens and courtyards available for the residents to gather with friends, read a book, or drink tea or coffee. Residents can relieve their stress and have a nice time in these facilities. 

Luxurious apartments offer more convenient ways to get things done for people having a busy, fast-paced lifestyle; for example, residents can use elegant and affordable entertainment rooms for their events. 

Free events happen in common areas like movie nights, wine tasting, and, sometimes, breakfast in the morning. These facilities offer you and your family exceptional experiences. These apartments also offer meeting rooms, free copy machines, coffee stations, and working areas.

Luxury apartments have services like room cleaning, as well. Thanks to this full-time cleaning personnel, you don’t need to waste your time on chores. The service attendants solve the minor technical problems in the apartment immediately. Other services like dry cleaning and beauty salons are also available for your ease in these luxury apartments.

With all of these in mind, it is time to look at some of the best apartments in Istanbul and get you one step closer to your dream house.

Serenity Forest Kosuyolu

With its central position in Altunizade and the beautiful open architecture, Serenity Forest Kosuyolu invites you to discover. The twelve apartment complexes built around the central hub area, including a pool and playground, provide an easy living for parents and children alike. The beautifully arranged greenery and its proximity to Validebag Forest allow residents to get away from metropolitan Istanbul’s hustle and bustle.

With three-to-five-bedroom options available, Serenity Forest Kosuyolu can house families of any size. The living grounds also include luxury facilities such as a sauna, a Turkish bath, and a fitness center. It’s also only 30 kilometers from the airport. Serenity Forest Kosuyolu is ready to move today!

HillCity Center