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Best Residences in Istanbul

29/07/2022 Best Residences in Istanbul

Why Should You Buy a Residence Apartment?

Investing in an apartment gives you better control because you can choose what type of property to invest in, how much to charge for rent, and which tenant to accept on your property. You can also determine the location, neighborhood, and features of the apartment you want to rent.

What Is the Advantage of a Residence Apartment?

If you are hesitant to spend large sums of money on your initial investment, buying a residence apartment may be a great option for you. Apartments are generally less expensive than other types of investments, making them an affordable entry point for investors with limited financial resources or just starting to invest.

One of the most obvious reasons people choose to invest is to have a stable income as soon as possible. They are willing to spend large sums of money so that this amount will grow exponentially in the future. You will experience all this when you buy a residence apartment and convert it into a rental property.

Unlike other investment types, an apartment can provide a reliable income stream as this asset is usually secured with leases of at least nine to fourteen months. You can have peace of mind knowing that as long as you can accommodate responsible tenants, you will have a steady stream of income and generate a positive cash flow each month.

If you want to earn more money, you can also choose to rent your apartment for a short time using services such as Airbnb. Even if you don't have a long-term tenant, you can still make money on vacation stays using these services.

Is a Residence Apartment a Good Investment?

Besides the points we mentioned above, investing in apartments will give you full control over how you protect and manage your property in the long run. Do you want to cater to larger families in the future? 

You can hire professionals and renovate your apartment to add more space. Would you like to earn more by increasing the rent of your tenants? Invest in newer fixtures or appliances in your apartment. You will also decide how your apartment should look and the rules your tenants must follow.

What Are the Best Residences in Istanbul?

Istanbul has become a remarkable city in terms of residence options in recent years. Let's take a look at the best residence apartments in the city together.

Virgo-Q Mecidiyekoy

Realized in Mecidiyekoy, the heart of Istanbul, Virgo-Q Mecidiyekoy awaits you with its wide green areas and privileged services. Work, life, and entertainment are gathered in one high-end center.

It promises you and your loved ones unforgettable memories with its architectural structure, Istanbul view, and the facilities it bought from Virgo-Q Mecidiyekoy. It allows you to live in a 5000 m2 grass area with 80-year-old trees with historical plane trees.

It makes your life much easier thanks to its landscape areas, 24/7 security, closed circuit monitoring system (CCTV), technical service, indoor parking areas, and central heating and cooling system. You can reach the most lively square for change from Virgo-Q Mecidiyekoy in a few steps, and you can be at your door to the beauties of Istanbul.

High Luminance Residence

In the High Luminance Residence project, rising in Mahmutbey-Ikitelli, office, residence, shopping mall, and hotel are located together. Rising in a valuable region in terms of location, the High Luminance Residence is adjacent to Mahmutbey toll booths and MASKO. It will become a center of attraction with its entertainment center in the Mall of Istanbul.

In High Luminance Residence, A block has 23 floors, B block has 25, C block has 27, and D block is 29. The leasable area of the project, which has a residential and shopping mall area of 23 thousand square meters, is determined as 135 square meters, the salable residential area is 115 thousand square meters, and the salable office area is 25 thousand square meters.

Positioned intertwined with the vision of a world-famous 5-star hotel, High Luminance Residence brings a new perspective to the colorful world of Mall of Istanbul with its unique location, luxurious architecture, and flawless details that transform life into art, and the promise of a privileged life.

Zenith Istanbul Residence

Rising on an area of ​​280.000 m² in one of the most central locations of Bahcelievler, the Zenith Istanbul Residence project offers many advantages to its buyers. You will have a more comfortable life with the housing project. The project, rising on the Basin Express road, is located at the intersection of the TEM, E-5, Yesilkoy Coastline, Basin Express, and Atakoy-Cobancesme band.

Zenith Istanbul Residence comes with features that will change your view of Istanbul housing projects. The project includes a sauna, fully equipped gym, outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, and squash court.

The Zenith Istanbul Residence project considers the safety of you and your loved ones. In Zenith Istanbul Residence, you are now safe thanks to the alarm button, emergency exit ladder, fire elevator, service elevator, closed circuit TV, security camera, private security, and card access system. Every moment of your life will be safe in the housing project, where precautions are taken against all kinds of problems.

Regnum No: 1 Residence

The Regnum No: 1 project is located in the heart of Istanbul, on the E-5 road, 950 meters from the Caglayan Courthouse, and right across from Perpa Trade Center and Okmeydanı State Hospital. With its unique location, 2 kilometers from Mecidiyekoy, and close to all transportation opportunities, the Regnum No: 1 Residence project awaits you with its unique qualities.

Regnum No: 1 consists of two mezzanine shops on the ground and 13 floors. There are six apartments on each floor and duplex apartments on the top floor. There will be a total of 77 residences and two shops in the project, as well as a four-story basement and a car park for each flat.

Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

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