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What Are the Conditions of Being a Turkish Citizen?

12/08/2022 What Are the Conditions of Being a Turkish Citizen?

Since the Turkish government decided to allow foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in property, applications for such a venture have soared. And many foreign investors are wondering about the requirements for citizenship application now. 

This article aims to provide the necessary information for this initiative. But before learning about the conditions, we would like to inform you about the advantages of this investment so that you can make a healthier decision.

Why Become a Turkish Citizen?

Among the substantial variety of reasons for becoming a Turkish citizen, some of the most prominent ones are as follows:

Cost of Living

Considering the current exchange rate of the Turkish Lira with other currencies, it would not be an exaggeration to assert that life in Turkey is reasonably affordable. 


Thanks to its cosmopolitan location, four seasons can be experienced in Turkey. Consequently, the country boasts a grand diversity of fauna and flora. You can visit the golden beaches of Antalya, go hiking and skiing in Uludag, or ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia without having to go abroad for such activities.


While most of its people are of Turkic descent, Turkish nationality does not discriminate based on ethnicity, and the local culture is quite tolerant and welcoming to other cultures.

Visa-Free Countries

Simply by the virtue of having a Turkish passport by investment or any other means, you gain visa-free access to a considerable number of countries such as Azerbaijan, Bahamas, and Brazil. Visa applications can be lengthy and pose challenges, making visa-free access a fantastic privilege.

Turkish Citizenship Requirements

Requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship are quite amiable compared to many other countries. You can obtain Turkish nationality by investment, marriage, or other methods. Detailed information on the subject is provided later in this article.

Turkish Nationality Law

By law, under most circumstances, your citizenship also extends to your legal children, offering them a safe environment with marvelous prospects.

What are the Benefits of Being a Turkish Citizen?

There are a vast number of advantages of being a Turkish citizen, so much so that there is an entire article dedicated to answering this question in our blog. You are welcome to visit the said article for further information, but the main points of argument are as follows:

Turkish Dual Citizenship

In most cases, gaining Turkish citizenship later means being a citizen of two different countries. Having dual citizenship is universally prestigious and often extends to your children also.

Turkish Citizenship Law

Your rights as a Turkish citizen are secured by the government, and the advantages you receive after getting citizenship generally cover your family members in addition.

Turkish Hospitality

Turkish people are friendly by nature and their culture. Also taking into account that the country is fairly cosmopolitan, you are not likely to have any problems fitting in.

Turkish Citizenship Visa Requirements

Turkish passports have international recognition and a high reputation. Being a Turkish citizen usually means having an easier time getting approved for a visa for a respectable number of countries, and some countries, as was also mentioned before, do not have to get a visa at all.

What is Required to Become a Turkish Citizen?

Depending on the method you follow, getting Turkish citizenship, conditions can vary. In general, according to the 11th article of the Turkish Citizenship Law, the following eight conditions are looked for:

Coming of Age 

You need to be of age and have the power to be a Turkish citizen. You do not need to worry about your underage children though, as your application also extends to your legal children in most cases.

Five Years of Residence

You need to reside in Turkey for at least five continuous years. This is not likely to pose a genuine problem for most applicants as Turkey has much to offer and assures an enjoyment of your stay.

Not to Have a Bad Record in Turkey

You should not pose a threat to National Security and Public Order. Do not worry though, as this condition is in place to ensure the safety of law-abiding citizens rather than to cause them any difficulties.

Being Able to Speak Turkish at a Sufficient Level

You need to be able to speak the formal language of the country at a sufficient level. The good thing is that you can find many opportunities to practice your Turkish since the locals are quite welcoming to foreigners. 

Having Income or Job

You need to prove that you can provide for yourself and those dependent on you. This condition is not problematic in most cases as the Turkish economy offers many opportunities for profitable investment.

Not Having a Contagious and Incurable Disease

You should not pose a threat to public health. This should not come as a surprise as the Turkish government, like most other authorities, care about public health in the country. 

Confirming Your Decision to Settle in Turkey with Your Behavior

You should act like a person who wants to obtain citizenship. This condition often does not constitute an issue as people who apply for citizenship normally act accordingly.

Having a Good Moral Standing

Your behavior in public should be acceptable to the common sense of the public. This requirement is quite ordinary as public integrity is important for the life quality of residents.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship

There are several methods you can consider to obtain Turkish citizenship. While most of the conditions above apply in general, some methods have different requirements.

Turkish citizenship by bank deposit

You may apply to open a bank account and invest an amount of currency equal to 500.00 USD(*) to apply for citizenship. The deposited amount needs to stay in the account for the allocated time, 3 years(*) according to our sources. And you also need to fulfill several other conditions, such as converting the said currency to Turkish Liras(*).

Turkish citizenship by investment process

You may apply for Turkish citizenship by making the necessary amount of investment. Two of the most common types of investment are buying a property you are to settle in and real estate bought for investment purposes.

Turkish citizenship by buying property

You can apply for citizenship after buying a property worth at least $400.000 in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment

You can apply for citizenship by investing in Turkish real estate. Different terms may apply for real estate bought for various purposes.

Turkish citizenship by marriage

You can apply for citizenship by having a Turkish spouse and fulfilling several other requirements, such as staying married for at least 3 years.

Where to Look for Real Estate Before Applying for Turkish Citizenship?

In case you decide to apply for Turkish citizenship by property purchase, visit our website and see the most outstanding properties suitable for your application.

Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

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