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What Are the Best Istanbul Beaches?

08/08/2022 What Are the Best Istanbul Beaches?

Summer is one of the seasons when the number of tourists visiting Turkey will be higher. In summer, Turkey is another beautiful. While most of the popular beaches are in the Mediterranean and Aegean, there are also many beaches near Istanbul that are worth seeing and spending time on. 

If you are going to be in Istanbul in the summer, you can read our article and then enjoy these beaches. Who doesn't love the summer season? Neither local nor foreign tourists can deny the beauty of the summer atmosphere in Turkey. If you are coming to visit Turkey, the summer season is perfect.

Istanbul Beaches with Unique Beauties

Istanbul, lapped by water on all sides had a thriving beach culture in the first half of the 20th century, but rapid population growth and urbanization have squeezed swimming spots out of the city center. Though there are still a few beach spots at the upper end of the Bosphorus, most opportunities to get into – rather than just gaze at – the water are either on the Black Sea north of the city or the Marmara Sea to its south.

In popular swimming areas, beach clubs ranging from simple to swanky have colonized much of the shoreline. They typically charge a daily fee to use one of their umbrella and plastic lounge chair, though some have a minimum purchase of food and drink instead. Beach clubs have bathrooms, changing areas, indoor or outdoor showers, and usually some kind of cafe or restaurant. On weekend nights, some beach clubs turn into party spots, with DJs and dancing. The hot locations can change with each season, as can the names and ownership of beach clubs.

Another option is public beaches. They are free and sometimes offer basic facilities, but can be crowded and are not always in the cleanest or most scenic locations. In general, Istanbul beaches don’t compare to those elsewhere in Turkey, but if you want to take a dip while visiting the city, here are six of the best options in the vicinity.

Although it does not look like a touristic city from the outside and continues to be urbanized rapidly, it continues to preserve its natural beauty. Many beaches vary according to the criteria you are looking for, and they are all beautiful.

We have examined and compiled all these beaches for you one by one, and we promise that you will find a beach according to the criteria you are looking for and have a lot of fun this summer.

Best Beaches Near Istanbul

Kilyos Beach

After the summer season arrives, beaches are in demand. Kilyos is one of the first routes to be preferred by those who want to swim in the sea but do not want to get away from Istanbul. Kilyos is a district of Sarıyer, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul. This district, which has a coast with the Black Sea, is one of the first places preferred by those who want to swim. 

There are many beaches in Kilyos, both paid and free. You can have a wonderful holiday experience by choosing these beaches. There are visitors to Kilyos not only from within Istanbul but also from outside of Istanbul. Here is what you need to know about Kilyos beaches.

Best Paid Beaches for Swimming in Kilyos

Solar Beach

Solar Beach is one of the most beautiful paid beaches in Kilyos. It is located approximately 1 kilometer from Kilyos. Solar Beach is a beach that can be reached by metro. There are also special water sports on this beach. After entering the beach, you can also benefit from these water sports.

Burc Beach

Burc Beach is the most preferred paid beach in Kilyos. Burc beach is also preferred quite a lot. We can say that the beach is crowded. There are businesses and cafes on Burc beach. You can meet all your needs from these businesses. It is possible to buy tickets online to enter Burc Beach.

Agva Public Beach

Agva Public Beach is one of the most preferred areas over its lush green forests and sandy beach. The region stands out, especially with its untouched coves and islets, and offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun with its clear water. Agva Beach, as a Municipality Beach, also recognizes those who enter free of charge. However, there is no umbrella or sun lounger service in the area. 

Therefore, it is important to bring an umbrella and sunbed with caution. In addition, you will not have a shortage of food and drink, as there are cafes and restaurants in the area. It is stated that the beach in Agva beaches is especially healing. You can go to Agva Public Beach, which is said to be good for patients with rheumatism, and take a pleasant walk on the beach.

Cilingoz Beach

Cilingoz, one of the nature parks in Istanbul, is located in Catalca. Cilingoz Nature Park, one of the places to camp in Istanbul and was declared a nature park in 2011, covers an area of ​​17.75 hectares.

Cilingoz Stream passes right next to Cilingoz Nature Park, which has a fine sandy beach with a width of 80 meters. There are reeds around the pond area formed in this part. When you go to Cilingoz, it is possible to see the sea, forest, lake, and reed beds together. 

The region is generally among the preferred areas for swimming in Istanbul during the summer months. It is possible to fish in the lake, located in the north of the region. Amateur anglers catch fish such as trout, carp, chub, and eel here.

There are hiking trails for trekking in the forest in Cilingoz. To meet the needs of the region, a country restaurant and a buffet serving are present.

Golden Beach Club

Golden Beach Club is a hidden paradise that generously offers freedom of life, the riot of colors, and the dream of a holiday on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul.

Accommodation and activity facilities are 26 bungalows, 6 suites, Camping Restaurant, Country Coffee, Snack Bar, Beach Bar, beach volley, bicycle, and walking track, climbing wall, and mini golf course. The beach, which started to serve at 08:00 in the morning, does not have a closing time in the evening.

Suma Beach

Suma Beach opens its doors as a freedom area where everyone can find something for themselves with its unique concept. Suma Beach has become proof that Istanbul can be opened to world-class entertainment. At Suma Beach, where you can always witness good music and parties, you can swim after the party, sip your cocktail by the pool, and do any activity you want. 

Suma Beach, a joint project of Suma Han and Wake Up Call Club, offers wonderful moments to the Istanbul audience and visitors from all over the world with the bookings it has made for years. Promising an unforgettable experience with both forest and beach scenes, Suma Beach is one of the places that should be visited by those who come to Istanbul to listen to music.

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