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Where Do Arabs Prefer to Invest Most in Turkey?

12/09/2022 Where Do Arabs Prefer to Invest Most in Turkey?

It is no great secret that when people think about property investment, Turkey is one of the first options that come to mind. This is, of course not without reason, because there are plenty of advantages offered by the country. The substantial number and success of many Arab investors can attest to this argument.

Why Do Arab Investors Prefer Property Investment in Turkey?

Many investors flourish, especially Arabs real estate investment in Turkey. While the likely promise of low risk with great returns is the main reason for this venture, there are numerous other reasons. You can find detailed information on the subject in a previous article written for our blog, to sum it up:

  • Turkey’s stable political environment and property laws that secure your investment rights

  • The active encouragement of the Government of Turkey in the form of a safe and relatively fast process of buying property in Turkey

  • The opportunity to get Turkish citizenship after having a sufficient amount of investment in Turkey and fulfilling several conditions

  • The high demand making the process of selling your property relatively easier and quicker

  • Boasting many of the advantages of a European country while being reasonably affordable

  • The warm and welcoming attitude of the local population

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Where Do Most Arabs Live in Turkey?

By population, Arabs are the third largest group in the, numbering millions. Since we are clear on why do Arabs choose Turkey over its alternatives, you might also be wondering which cities are preferred the most. As you might have guessed, Istanbul takes the lead. According to our resources, more than 2 million Arabs live in the city. Southeastern Anatolia also houses millions of Arabs, and resort destinations such as Antalya have been gaining traction in previous years.

Where Do Most Arabs Live in Istanbul?

Of course, we cannot talk about real estate investment in Turkey without giving further details on its beautiful capital. On the European side; Sultanahmet, Taksim, Eminonu, Besiktas, Eyup, Bakirkoy, Zeytinburnu, Atakoy, Florya and Yesilkoy are popular options while the Anatolian side follows closely with Uskudar, Pendik, Atasehir, Kadikoy, Maltepe and Beykoz.

Statistics of Arabs Real Estate Investment in Turkey

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the number of properties sold doubled in May compared to the last year. More than 20.000 houses were sold in Istanbul, making up more than half of the number. Foreign investors have bought more than a quarter of these properties with an astonishing number bordering 6.000. Arabs likely play an important role in this increase.

Best Areas for Arab Investors in Turkey

So, you have made the informed decision to invest and buy real estate in Turkey. You naturally would like to know which areas are more likely to bring a better return to your investment. 

Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

With its rich history and cosmopolitan environment, Istanbul is the most preferred location for investment in most areas -including real estate. There are options for every budget and taste in Istanbul, and the most reputable parts of the city are as follows.


In an energetic section of the city, you are likely to come across friendly university students from respectable institutions in Besiktas.


A great place filled with people and brands from all around the globe.


A relatively young part of the city, known for its nightlife and the great opportunities for entertainment it provides.


With its rich historical background and the important role it plays in commerce, Fatih is never the wrong option.


Playing a central role in many of the significant sectors of the city, Sisli is a great location with its educational institutions, shopping centers, and business opportunities.


With the city expanding as it is, Bahcesehir is one of the best options for long-term investment as it is near to many areas of big projects.


Avcilar offers a beautiful coast, an accessible beach, and traditional shops and restaurants along with their modern counterparts.


A well-developed area with settled infrastructure and services. Esenyurt got developed so well that it became an independent municipality in 1989 and keeps getting more accommodating each passing day.


Named after the aesthetical lake with the same name to its east, Buyukcekmece is encircled by the Marmara Sea and has all the advantages of a coastal region.


Similar to Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu is an excellent option for a long-term investment with luxury projects and infrastructure being developed in it.


Known for the important role it plays in commerce and industry, Kucukcekmece is always in high demand for investors from around the globe.


One of the most luxurious and touristic districts, Sariyer, offers reputable boutiques and businesses and a more specialized and personalized experience to its residents.


Atasehir is an important pillar of the city with its business sector and residences.


Its deeply rooted cultural heritage and amazing view of the Bosphorus mark Uskudar as a great place for investment.


With the remarkable returns it provides, Zeytinburnu is becoming a favorite for rental investment.


Like Esenyurt, Basaksehir has newly become an independent district and deserves the title of the unmissable opportunities it provides to investors.


Culture, history, entertainment, and of course, the iconic Galata. Beyoglu has been and still is one of the most popular spots in the city for all purposes.


If you are an outgoing person in the literal sense of the word, being a global destination for sports and hobbies, Pendik is the choice for you.


It is hard to talk about new real estate projects without mentioning Kartal, alongside Bahcesehir and Beylikduzu. 


A commercial and residential pillar for the city, Kagithane finds a great balance between nature and development.

Real Estate Investment in Antalya

Following closely after Istanbul, Antalya has always been a popular tourist and investor destination with its great history, great weather, warm locals, and of course the calm and peaceful lifestyle it offers. Kalkan, Side, and Belek are all great options for investment while considering Antalya, but Alanya of course takes the lead by a great margin.

Real Estate Investment in Alanya

While considering a holiday in Turkey, it is almost impossible to search and not come across Alanya. Properties in Alanya are in high demand both in and out of the tourism season, thanks to their high rental and investment value. The service industry and the infrastructure are very well developed, enabling easy access to many facilities offered by the city.

What Are the Options?

After making the important choice of a location, you might wonder where to look for the available properties. No worries, the place you are looking for is right here, with a great number of options for every budget and preference.

Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

Turkey property alternatives come in a wide range of architectural approaches, unique designs, and social facilities. And various apartment, residence, penthouse, villa, and other home options are as close as a phone to you with Bari Global now!