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Bari Global is a subsidiary of Ghanbari Group founded in 1987 with more than 30 years of experience in international import and export, specialized in construction industry.

Bari Global is a digital real estate firm specialised in exclusive investment and lifestyle properties in Istanbul and Tehran. We provide real estate, investment, citizenship, and localization consultation to investors, companies, banks and venture capital firms all around the world. Through our network within development and real estate sector, the latest market data, and local background know-how, we secure favorable prices for finest locations and offer premium services.

With its dedicated team of experts, Bari Global manages an exclusive portfolio with valuable experience to help its partners to reduce risks and save time. Quick, data driven results are personalized to each investor to create maximum profit in Real Estate Consultancy as well as Investment Advisory.

What began 30 years ago with collections of frames has grown into a project of dreams redefining what it is to offer A to Z services. After 20 years of experience in the frame business bringing up new inquiries from architects, contractors and hotel owners, Mr. German Ghanbari, founder of Ghanbari in 1987 have decided it was time to lead the company’s direction from an Istanbul based importer to an internationally renowned home luxury brand selector.

Our Testimonials

I arrived to Turkey as soon as the coronavirus travel prohibition was over. The welcoming was one of the bests, lots of Bari Global departments helped us in many ways. The team lead the title deed and citizenship process for me when I was not around, with my proxy arrangements done. Several agencies reached for me and I am at peace with my choice. You have offered us the best prices. If any of my friends will consider investing in Turkey, I will directly recommend you as I have seen your reputation on every project.

Masoud Darvish

I live in Tahran. Before I came to Turkey, I have learned Bari Global as a branch of Ghanbari from Tahran. I was treated so fine at your vast showroom and it was the same when I came to Istanbul. It was impressive. You were the distributor of lots of global, luxurious brands of furniture. I contacted with the sales department and made my choice and just within 3 months me and my family were Turkish citizen, as in dual citizenship. I would like to contact to you again for my personal investment plans in Turkey.

Aliriza Alizadeh

I have been introduced to Bari Global from a digital platform and contacted them for my real estate  investment plans in Istanbul. I wanted to be a Turkish citizen and I had some questions. I was welcomed with a VIP vehicle and was transferred to my hotel without any personal payment. Later on, we visited the projects parallel to my budget and we chosed one that my wife liked the most. Within 4 months, we became Turkish citizens by real estate investment. You still provide me information about the sector, specifically about the neighbourhood where my property belongs. Thank you for everything.

Shayan Moghimi

Istanbul is an exceptional city with it’s unique and antique combination of European and Asian side, so I wanted to invest. I was introduced to you bu social media, I was attracted to one of your sea-side projects. I forwarded that to my brother and he also liked it. Then I called you and wanted you to contact me. We went to see the villa project of yours I saw on social media. As you know,I am from Aizerbaijan and my roots are Turkish. I wanted my family to live and my kids to be educated in Turkey. After the sale we applied for the citizenship, with my whole family. You have informed me about my admission. I will visit you again, I promised to bring saffron to one of your teammates who has done everything for me. Greetings to you.

Majid Pashaei

I came to Turkey after having 1-2 calls with you and knew exactly what I wanted. I have signed the proxy and without any thoughts in my mind, I trusted you and went back to the airport. Actually, the services after the sales were more important to me than the ones in the process, as you may face with many problems after buying a property. The important thing for me was to be with people with which you can have the similar talk. I had some questions on the needed documents, rental demand or the process of renting and renting with furniture. Bari Global Team helped me a lot in all these. Decisions are not easy for me generally, I thought and searched your company. And now I thank God that I was not wrong.

Sina Shahi

I have more investments among other oversea countries but none gave me the citizenship, but Turkey. And the conditions suited me as an expatriate from Iran. I live in Canada and 250.000 USD is a modest money. Any person with a nice job in Iran can acquire Turkish citizenship and can rent it for an income by investing in the property as well, then can sell it after 3 years and make profit. So I wanted to benefit, and I did. I have been in Turkey to invest and for citizenship many times, then my friend recommended you. He said, that you had the reputation in communication with the clients and had the best prices. I tell everyone who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship, that, me, my wife and my daughter under 18, gained the citizenship and the most important part was the governmental issues to be followed. If anyone sees this, I would like to emphasize that there is a need for strong people in legal department.

Ghazaleh Rajab Zade

I made many appointments with many firms before I came to Turkey, and made many visit to lots of projects but I did not buy any property. I wanted to contact to you guys before I took off. I have invextments in Europe and I was thinking about investing in Turkey for a while, with the cultural common heritage and evertyrhing. People were in peace in Turkey and I liked it, wanted to bring my family in it. Honestly, I realised that you were very generous about every personal service for me. Although it was a short visit and the purpose was not to buy property, the second time I came to Turkey I was welcomed with a VIP vehicle. Any time I got to the airport, there was always someone to help me from Bari Global. As I did not know the Turkish language they helped me a lot to get my things done. Turkish people are so hospital. The last time I came, I chosed and liked the project available to my budget. They made everything under my name, title deed, governmental papers and all. The thing that all my family and me were Turkish citizens just within 2-3 months was amazing.

Hamed Emami

After I heard that the Turkish Government were admitting Turkish citizenship with the property ownership of 250.000 USD and more, I started researching. It was destiny that I met with Bari Global. The lady I contacted online was the best collaborator. She answered all my questions. She made many offers about the flat I was looking for. When I came to Istanbul, she welcomed me at the airport. We were from the same roots with that person in an area of which I did not know the language and did not jnow where to go. She was there whenever we had to be in a governmental department as I did not know Turkish. Now, the only step ahead for me şs to give a fingerprint copy to civil registry to complete my citizenship process. I would like to thank you many times for this 3-4 months process. I am happy with my Turkish citizenship and proud about my Iran citizenship as well.

Mohammad Ebrahimi

I have come acroos to Bari Global while I was browsing at Youtube and on the internet. I contated them before I came to Istanbul and let them know when I will get there. They welcomed me at the airport and was with me until I got to the hotel. Tomorrow, they made arrangements fort he porperties I was looking for. They took me and take me to the project area. I saw that they had a nice communication with the construction firms. I had no experience on the legal side of the real estate issues. They made my transfer easily. The limit was 250.000 USD for me to become a Turkish citizen. I was impressed that they have informed me on the phone and via email in every step of the way. After 3 months from the application, I got my ID and passport. They were kind and respectful. Bari Global treats every client like that, I have observed this in my chat with another client. I would recommend them to every foreign investor.

Ali Jabari

Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

Turkey property alternatives come in a wide range of architectural approaches, unique designs, and social facilities. And various apartment, residence, penthouse, villa, and other home options are as close as a phone to you with Bari Global now!