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Which Sectors to Invest in Turkey?

10/03/2021 Which Sectors to Invest in Turkey?

Turkey ranks 11th in the global economy, with a mix of industries and services that boost its economy. Since 2000 Turkey's government introduced several reforms to uplift the disadvantaged sectors, increasing the employment rate and reducing the poverty rate drastically. 

The government opened its doors to foreign trade and finance and renewed the economic laws to get a place in the European market. Indeed, there are many sectors to make an investment in Turkey for foreign investors. 

Foreigners are attracted to Turkey because of all the incentives they get varying on the type and project, especially for the young, dynamic, and skilled workforce, governmental incentives, tax-exempts, and free land allocations.

They invest in property for a second income with high profits by putting it up on rent and even selling it after three years of purchase. Before investing, you need to know more about the sectors in Turkey.

Investing in the Stock Market in Turkey

The stock market is where transactions occur through the broker and to be successful in the market requires patience, experience, knowledge, and strategic planning.

Stock Market in Turkey

The stock market is a fluctuating market where you need to invest in several companies and gather information about them, as investing only in one company will not be profitable. The investment that is done in the stock market loses its value usually. If you do not have enough information about the market you are investing in, you might not get the profit you want. Compared to the real estate market, the stock market is constantly wavering, and you might not get enough profit from stocks than from real estate.

Investing in Precious Metals in Turkey

Gems of specific quality standards, usually relying on their solid and reliable nature, low-risk investment in precious metals are stable in the world economy. Similar to the stock market, investing in precious metals also requires expertise.

Gold is the top gem in the market, making it the most valuable investment; you can invest in the stock market and forex, and investing in precious metals counts as a capital investment.

Investing in Forex in Turkey

It is a currency investment meaning currency exchange and comes from the word Foreign Exchange. Forex investment is based on currencies and can offer high profits to those with good market analytical skills and accurate information.

The currency you deal in is the most crucial factor. The American dollar, Euro, Japanese, Yen, and Swiss Franc are the currencies that have the most reserves.

For a forex investor, it is essential to know international relations and to have good foresight.

Investing in Logistics in Turkey

In terms of exports and imports, Turkey is the most active country. The logistics sector is ideal for investing in a high commercial income rate. 


In the last five years, the developments made a mark, and they are an essential factor for the country commercially on both land and sea. Given the significant import and export traffic, logistics remain an option among the sectors to invest in Turkey.

Investing in the Health Sector in Turkey

The health sector in Turkey has gone through a lot of variation in the last ten years and has become one of the sectors to invest in Turkey for foreigners.

Health in Turkey

Interest in health centers, polyclinics, and hospitals has increased as Turkey's economic development has given rise to the population, causing expenses in the health sector, which has caught investors' attention.

Foreigners are interested in investing in Turkey's health sector because they can get affordable, high-quality services. The health sector has become an essential source of income with its profitable investment returns.

Investing in Tourism in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey has great importance in terms of investment in tourism. Turkey's tourism sector is rising because of local and foreign investors. Turkey is a world-famous tourism country with its natural and historical areas under the protection of UNESCO with various beaches. It welcomes thousands of tourists every year and thousands of foreigners for investment. 

The historical sights and the tourist attractions like museums, marinas, beaches, and mosques make the investors happy because of the increasing value rates every year. With enough capital, tourism has always been one of the prime sectors to invest in Turkey.

Investing in Real Estate in Turkey

In a brief period, real estate in Turkey has made itself at the top of the list as an investment option by most foreign investors.

In the long term, investing in real estate is the most profitable investment option in Turkey. And as the real estate sector in Turkey is growing, the real estate values are also increasing, resulting in high profits from the properties in Turkey. 

Real estate investment made in Istanbul rises to 250% on average within the first five years of investing in the property. For Bursa, 86% gain has been recorded in the last four years, in Antalya 65%, in Bodrum 74.8% over five years. The invested property can be used to start living by the purchaser, put on rent, or even be sold after three years of purchase.

Istanbul has the leading real estate market, dividing two continents in Asia and Europe. With the increasing population, its real estate rate value is constantly growing, attracting investors to invest in property. Districts like Sisli, Ayazaga, Macka, and Eyup have low redemption periods, and this way, investments in Istanbul bring profits in the shortest periods.

Bursa has become one of the principal cities in Turkey's real estate market to invest in, especially after the infrastructure development in Bursa. 

It has also become a country of interest for investors, with districts having high investments with short redemption periods. There has been a 25.12% increase in Antalya's real estate values with the shortest redemption period districts like Lara, Konyaalti, and Kepez. Investors are attracted to Antalya because of its beautiful climate and infrastructure. 

A market that has never dropped in value, providing high profits, Bodrum is one of the pioneer cities for tourism. Bodrum also attracts many foreign investors worldwide, making the rising real estate market attractive to all the investors that lay eyes on it. The districts with high levels of investment are Yalikavak, Gumusluk, and Bitez. 

As seen from the statistics above, and considered together with the Turkish Lira's favorable exchange ratio for a foreign investor, real estate in Turkey is a safe sector and one of the most lucrative sectors to invest in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best sector to invest in Turkey?

  1. Real estate 

  2. Stock market

  3. Precious metals

  4. Tourism

  5. Forex 

2. Which industries are growing in Turkey?

Agriculture, cosmetic treatment, manufacturing, real estate, and health sectors are the most successful sectors.

3. What is Turkey's main industry?

Textiles, iron and steel, chemicals, cement, food processing, motor vehicles, construction, glass and ceramics, and mining are the most important industries in Turkey.

4. Is Turkey a good place to invest?

Turkey is an excellent investment location. It is a popular tourist destination with low real estate prices and reselling options with high-value incomes.

5. What is the best city for property investment in Turkey?

Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, Bodrum, and Trabzon are the best options with high rental incomes.

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