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Turkish Citizenship with Bari Global: Process & Benefits

29/09/2022 Turkish Citizenship with Bari Global: Process & Benefits

Since the first quarter of 2020, the property market has grown exponentially in Turkey. Recent amendments in Turkish National Law, which occurred on May 13, 2022, increased the minimum amount for obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment from $250,000 to $400,000.

As outlined in the amendment, foreigners who buy a minimum of $400,000 worth of property in Turkey can obtain citizenship with their spouse and any children under 18. However, property that was purchased should not be sold for three years. The Turkish government is making property ownership attractive to foreigners to boost the Turkish property market.

Amid Turkey's increasing need for foreign capital inflow, the above referred legal amendments have been approved, which has resulted in a very positive response by local authorities and executive bodies to Turkey's investments. Certainly, this new approach will eliminate the procedural and bureaucratic obstacles to foreign investors, as well as enable faster and more accessible transactions.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute's data, the proportion of property sales to foreign investors is constantly increasing annually. This data clearly shows a direct correlation between the current demand to get citizenship through the new investment law, with the dramatic rise in real estate sales in the country.

The Most Advantageous Way: Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Real estate investments positively affect Turkey's ever-developing and growing economy. Every year, many foreign investors make real estate investments in Turkey.

There are many advantages of investing in real estate in Turkey. In addition, real estate investments also have very high returns. It is possible to become a Turkish citizen by investment in real estate in Turkey, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, experiencing all four seasons.

Turkey is a paradise with its underground and aboveground natural beauties. Real estate investment is at a high level in many cities in Turkey, especially in the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, and Bursa. With its 7 regions, Turkey impresses visitors and investors with its climate, natural beauty, world heritage, and cultural structure. Turkey is highly developed compared to other countries with its urbanization structure.

Turkey is a country where many people want to live with its developing technological structure and job opportunities. In Turkey, many educational institutions and universities provide cultural, visionary, and high-quality education.

Turkey is developing more and more every day. It is the first in the world with many projects, such as Istanbul Airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge, and 1915 Çanakkale Bridge.

With every new project, the value of Turkey and the cities within increases. It is very valuable to invest in real estate in the cities and regions where these projects are located. In 2022, many new projects started to operate, and various new projects were signed. You can have Turkish citizenship by investment in 2022.

It should not be forgotten that, as we have mentioned before, foreign investors who purchase a property worth at least $400,000 in Turkey, together with their spouses and children under 18, will have the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate.

How to Get a Turkish Passport by Investment: 5 Easy Steps

You can obtain a Turkish Passport by buying a house in Turkey by following the steps below:

1. Fill up the "Bari Global" Form

Once the form is completed, you will be contacted within 24 hours. It is important to highlight your needs and preferences in the form. Next, we will put you in contact with a professional consultant from our team.

2. Property Showcase

Bari Global and the developer will provide you with valuable and related information regarding properties currently available on our website.

You don't need to travel to Turkey to buy a property. However, if you are interested in visiting, we can arrange your trip by providing an airport transfer and a property tour.

3. Purchase the Property

The process is straightforward: You sign a Property Purchase Agreement with the developer or the landlord and open a bank account in a local bank. We provide all the support you need with our professional team and partners.

4. Apply for a Residence Permit

To claim a residence permit, you must submit the eligibility certificate to the relevant authorities. This is required to initiate the citizenship application process. The good thing is that it does not require applicants to live in Turkey.

5. Apply for Citizenship

Once a residency permit is granted, proceed to apply for Turkish citizenship, along with your family. The application process does not require a physical presence for interviews or submissions. After all these steps of Bari Global's professional stages, you will have a Turkish Passport by buying a house.

Top 6 Reasons to Buy a Property with Bari Global is Turkey's leading online real estate company. Bari Global is a subsidiary of Ghanbari Group founded in 1987, with more than 30 years of experience in the international import-export and construction industry.

1. Expertise by Years of Experience

Over the past couple of years, Bari Global has continuously shaped the property industry in Turkey. It has been successful in doing so by providing Turkish citizens and foreign investors with exclusive residential and commercial properties. Your property aspirations and investments are in safe hands.

2. Trustful Partnership

We have more than 1 million local and international visitors monthly. Our subscribers trust in our integrity, which we have continuously built over the years, to provide them with their desired property options in Turkey.

3. Transparency

Transparency is a critical element of property negotiations. Bari Global aims to make property markets transparent by providing detailed market data analytics on our property pages. Investors can understand their desired locations and extensive neighborhoods. We also offer in-depth price analytics and evaluation tools for transparent assessments.

Real estate investment is one of the most important financial decisions that people make in their lives. We aim to provide the required information, trust, and service while making this critical decision transparently.

There is minimal data and information regarding the real estate sector in our country. Bari Global offers accurate and useful information in all areas of real estate.

4. Wide Range of Options

Bari Global has a wide range of options for new residential and commercial properties on its portal. With hundreds of new residential projects, there is always something to fulfill your needs.

5. Free of Charge Services

Now there is no need to search for a property for hours or days without success. Bari Global’s service is here to assist you. Kindly leave your information and your desired property choice; our experts will contact you within 24 hours and assist you in finding your dream home.

Bari Global is not an agent or a developer. Bari Global aims to serve investors to find their dream homes. We don't charge you for these services.

6. Quality Service

Quality is our mantra, and we strive to live by it. We exist to provide excellent service. Whenever you need it, our team is ready to help.

Why a Property in Turkey?

Bari Global helps you to find the best house in Turkey for you. There are lots of advantages to investing in a house. And here are the main reasons to buy a property in Turkey: 

Four Seasons at a Time

Turkey has been nicknamed the land of four seasons because its enormous landmass enjoys various climates, ranging from temperate to continental or the Mediterranean. 

Located for Easy Travel

Geographically, it is perfectly located between Asia, Africa, and Europe, thereby giving it many advantages for travel.

Vibrant and Tolerant Culture

Turkey is quite acceptant and tolerant of all cultures. Although Islam is predominantly practiced in Turkey, minority religions such as Christianity and Judaism are practiced as well. In addition, other faiths are welcomed and are permitted the freedom to worship as they wish. Turkey is the homeland of poet Rumi whose lines about tolerance are written down below:

“Come, come whoever you are

Wanderer, worshiper, the lover of living, it doesn’t matter,

Ours is not a caravan of despair,

Come, and if you have broken your vow a thousand times

Come, yet again, come, come.”

Rich and Diverse Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is a combination of Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Eastern European, and Armenian cuisines. Turkish cuisine is most often made from fresh ingredients and is considered one of the world's healthiest. Turkey is the homeland of Doner Kebap, as well as the most delicious of Baklavas and Turkish Coffee. Some of the world’s most famous chefs, like Nusret (Salt Bae) and CZN Burak, are Turkish.

Tourist Attractions

Turkey offers investors a wide range of attractive destinations, from the skyline of Istanbul filled with domes and minaret to the misty mountains of the eastern Black Sea.

Cappadocia is famous for its unique rock formations and hot air balloon rides. One must not forget Mount Nemrut National Park, with its large and amazing statues, dating back as far as the 1st century BC. 

Most importantly, Gobeklitepe is now known to be the oldest temple in the world. It is composed of massive carved stones about 11,000 years old, crafted and arranged by prehistoric people who did not have metal tools or even pottery. This historic structure predates Stonehenge by some 6,000 years. You should know there is always something magnificent and spectacular to see in Turkey.

Friendly People / Hospitality

Turkish culture embraces foreigners as the Turks believe that every stranger is a friend. Hence, many nationalities are easily accepted and welcomed into society.

Fast Developing Country

Turkey, a member of the EU, OECD, and G-20, has an HDI of 807 stated by the world population review council, making it a developed country.

Safe and Happy Environment for the Family

Turkey has a considerably low index of social violence. Hence, it is considered a great environment to start a family.

High GDP Per Capita

The GDP per Capita in Turkey is equivalent to 119 percent of the world's average economy. Turkey is defined as an emerging market economy by the IMF.

Strong Legal and Justice System

Turkey has a strong judicial system that seeks to promote peace, equality, and equity.

Excellent Health System

Turkey boasts an excellent universal health care system comprising public and private healthcare. The quality of healthcare in Turkey can be classified as highly technologically advanced and offers equivalent medical services to most developed countries.

Low Cost of Living

The currency exchange for the Turkish Lira is considerably low. Hence, most foreigners, especially pensioners, can take advantage of the modest cost of running a home when buying property in Turkey.

Turkish TV Series

Turkish TV series have become very popular. Turkey’s exportation of TV series is second in the world, and of course, the USA is the first one as a birthplace of Hollywood. Turkey is home to many beautiful scenes and shooting locations. The Magnificent Century, What's Fatmagul’s Fault?, and Ertugrul are among the most famous series in Turkey.

Read our article named 10 Things to Know About Turkish Culture to see more about Turkish culture in detail.

Perks and Benefits of Turkey's Second Citizenship Program & Turkish Passport

Full citizenship granted

Once all applicants have successfully passed all checks, full citizenship will be granted.

Quick delivery

Once all required documentation has been submitted and approved, your citizenship and passport will be reviewed and delivered quickly, usually within 3-4 months. 

One of the most sought-after citizenships in the world

Turkey is a developing nation, and Turkish citizenship is currently one of the most sought-after citizens in the world.

Visa-free travel to more than 110+ countries

You can travel visa-free to many countries all over the world with a Turkish passport.

No minimum residency requirement

You are not required to live in Turkey for any specific period.

Among the top 30 passports in the world

Turkey’s continuing development has made it appealing on the world stage. A Turkish passport is among the most sought in the world.

Turkish passport validity

Once you have your passport, you can take comfort in not having to renew it for 10 years, and it is valid for life.

Full, free medical and life assistance

Enjoy the comfort of free medical expenses and life insurance with your new Turkish citizenship. This applies to all members of the family.

No need to declare your assets

Any assets you may have are considered private and are not required to be declared on your application.

Dual citizenship allowance

No need to leave your previous citizenship. In Turkey, you can enjoy dual citizenship.

No military service for applicants

There is no mandatory military service required for applicants. 

Free education and university reimbursement

With your Turkish citizenship, you will have access to free education in public universities. 

Future access to the EU and other countries

Being a citizen of Turkey will allow you access to the EU and 26 Schengen Zone countries, even without a visa.

Refundable investment

If you make a profitable investment, it will be refundable in the future.

Click the link and learn more about Turkish citizenship perks via the article named Turkish Citizenship by Investment in Turkey now.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship: Why Should You Consider Applying for It?

A Turkish passport offers a variety of benefits, including traveling to more than 110 countries visa-free and receiving long-term visas to the USA and Schengen states.

There’s a way to obtain Turkish citizenship by an investment of $400,000+. Investors can choose one of these five options: real estate purchase, business investments, bank deposit, and purchase of government bonds or units in an investment fund. The whole process takes 3-4 months.

Travel to 110+ countries visa-free

Turkey has a visa-free regime with 110+ countries. Its citizens can freely enter countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and many others.

A long-term US tourist visa

Turkish passport holders can obtain a B-1/B-2 combined visa for tourist and business purposes for 10 years. To do so, they need to gather all required documents, fill in an application form, pay a fee and schedule an appointment at the Embassy or Consulate of the USA in Turkey. After the visa expires, it can be extended remotely. 

A 5-year Schengen visa

Turkish citizens can obtain a C-2 Schengen visa for 5 years. It allows you to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days out of 180 days. 

Entrance Turkey anytime

One of the greatest benefits of Turkish citizenship is that Turkish passport holders can enter the country under any circumstances, even if the borders are closed. A second passport also allows leaving the country of first citizenship if its borders are closed for any reason. 

Business: How Can Entrepreneurs Benefit from Turkey Citizenship?

Turkey citizenship offers many benefits for entrepreneurs.

Business immigration to the USA

An investor with a Turkish passport can obtain an E-2 visa to run a business and live in the USA. The company can be either bought or established by the investor. 

The visa is granted for 2 years. It is not considered an immigrant visa, though the investor can extend it unlimited times. The visa is also given to the investor’s spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old. 

Free Zones

Running a business in Turkey can also be beneficial. There are 18 free zones in Turkey aimed to increase and promote export-oriented investment and production. If an investor opens a company in the free zone, they can benefit from tax exemption and other facilitations. For example, no property tax is paid for buildings or land in the free zones.

Investment Incentives

There are 4 schemes of investment incentives that offer different types of support. That might include VAT exemption, customs duty exemption, corporate tax reduction, etc. Depending on the region, there can be more or fewer facilitations.

Double Taxation Avoidance

Turkey signed a double taxation avoidance treaty with 82 countries, including Pakistan, India, and China. If you are a citizen of one of these countries, you won’t need to pay taxes to both governments.

No Residency Obligation

Obtaining a Turkish passport doesn’t mean that you must live in Turkey. However, many investors choose to move there or spend their holidays in the country for several reasons.

Weather and Climate

The majority of the year in Turkey is warm and sunny. Winters are usually mild, and summers are warm and dry. The amount of sunny days per year is 300. The country is on board the Mediterranean sea, allowing citizens to enjoy the sea air and swim almost all year long.


Turkey is located in both Europe and Asia. Many railways and roads connect European and Asian countries.


Turkey is famous for its cuisine, both diverse and healthy. Turkish markets offer many products that are produced locally at low prices.

The Friendly Attitude

People of Turkish nationality are generally welcoming, and they always meet foreigners with hospitality.

Low Cost of Living

Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in Europe and the most affordable country in the Middle East. The average price that one needs to live a month in Turkey is $1,000-1,500.

High-quality Medicine

Turkish hospitals meet international standards, and 34 are accredited with the certificates of Joint Commission International. With the help of modern medical equipment, doctors perform neurosurgeries, plastic surgeries, bone marrow transplantations, cancer treatments, and much more.

Kindergartens and Schools

There are many international kindergartens and schools in Turkey. The fee differs from school to school but usually starts at $3,000 per year. Most of them are located in Istanbul.

Children benefit from the bilingual educational system and international environment. Primary languages are English and Turkish; however, some schools also teach Spanish, French, German, Arabic, etc.

Quality Higher Education

There are more than 200 universities in Turkey. 6 of them are on the list of TOP 500 universities, according to the World University Ranking. For example, Boğaziçi University in Istanbul and Middle East Technical University in Ankara. 

Turkish citizens do not pay any education fees if they are studying at public universities. Turkish citizens can also apply for scholarships to spend on their education.

Since 2001, Turkey has been part of the Bologna Process. That allows Turkish students to do exchange semesters abroad. In addition to that Turkish diplomas are recognized in all EU countries.

The Large Community of Ex-pats

Because of the many benefits that a Turkish passport offers its holders, many foreigners choose to move there. Most prefer to live in huge cities like Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara.

Benefits of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment

There are different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship: by birth, by marriage, by naturalization, etc. Wealthy people can afford to get it by investment, which has many benefits. 

An investor is not the only one who can get Turkish citizenship by investment. It is also granted to close family members: spouses and children under 18 years old. An applicant’s parents and children over 18 can obtain Turkish residence permits. 

Children whose parents are Turkish citizens will automatically get Turkish citizenship the moment they are born.

  1. No residence or language requirements. Individuals applying for citizenship by investment in Turkey don’t need to pass history and language exams. They also don’t need to live in Turkey.

  2. Wide choice of investment options. Turkey offers several investment options. They are:

  3. Business investments - $500,000+. An investor must invest money in the investment stock of a company registered in Turkey.

  4. Bank deposit - $500,000+. An investor must open a bank account and deposit money for three years.

  5. Purchase of government bonds - $500,000+.

  6. Purchase of units in an investment fund - $500,000+. An investor can receive dividends.

  7. Purchase of real estate - $400,000+. An investor can buy any type of real estate, including commercial and industrial buildings, housing, land, etc., in any region of Turkey.

  8. Investment return. An investor can return the money they invested 3 years after obtaining Turkish citizenship. Most investors get passports by buying real estate. Turkey’s housing cost increases by 15-25% each year. It means an investor will receive additional profit when selling the property three years later.

  9. Dual citizenship. Turkey allows its citizens to have two citizenships. It means that investors don't need to renounce their first citizenship. Keep in mind that other countries can restrict having dual citizenship with Turkey. So check this information beforehand.

  10. Simple and fast process of gaining citizenship. To obtain citizenship, an investor doesn’t need to come to Turkey: the process can be done remotely. The entire procedure lasts 3-4 months, and an applicant must only provide personal and financial documents. Everything else is done by an agent of the program.

The Process of Gaining Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

Preliminary due diligence.

Preliminary Due Diligence is held by the program's agent and helps prepare for the main Due Diligence. The agent checks the investor through different databases and on the Internet.

Preparation of documents.

The agent helps to prepare all the necessary personal and financial documents and fills out the government forms for the investor.

Fulfillment of investment requirements.

The investor chooses one of five investment options. The agent helps to determine which one is best for your case. After that, you receive a certificate of eligibility and open a bank account in a Turkish bank.

The most popular option is buying real estate. The agent provides a client with a list of properties that are available for participation in the Turkey program. Having chosen the property, the investor needs to make a down payment of about $3000 – $5000 and sign a sale and purchase contract.

Then lawyers help to get a certificate of ownership and two conclusions: an assessment of the value of the object and a report on the compliance of real estate with the conditions of the Turkish citizenship program. 

Due Diligence.

When all the documents are ready, the agent helps to get a residence permit and then applies for citizenship. To obtain citizenship, the investor is required to go through the Due Diligence process. It takes 2-3 months, during which different specialists check investors and their families through various databases.

Getting a passport.

When the investor’s application is approved, the investor can get a passport. It can be done in Turkey or at a Turkish embassy or a consulate in another country.

There’s also an opportunity to get an ID card. It is a small card the size of a bank card that can be used inside Turkey to prove someone’s identity while the passport is mostly used to travel abroad.

To get an ID card the investor needs to submit fingerprints at the Turkish embassy or in Turkey itself. Preparation of the card takes 2-3 weeks.

Pros and Cons of Turkish Citizenship


  1. Visa-free entry to 110 countries, including Singapore, Japan, South Korea

  2.  An opportunity to live, work, study, and get free medical treatment in Turkey

  3. Fast and easy process of obtaining citizenship by investment

  4. No residency requirements


  1. Need to get visas to enter the Schengen zone, the USA, Canada

  2. Need to pay taxes in two countries if they don’t have a double taxation avoidance agreement

  3. Citizenship by investment is not granted to the investor’s parents and children over 18 years old

  4. Full investment is required before approval of the application 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a foreigner obtain Turkish Citizenship?

Yes, a foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship in several ways, including buying a property in Turkey if the property's purchase is after 2/1/2017.

2. How much is the minimum value of the property to be purchased for Turkish Citizenship?

To be eligible, the property must be purchased on 13/06/2022 and worth at least $400,000.

3. How is the price of the property purchased to be evaluated for Turkish Citizenship?

The property valuation report must be obtained from a professional property valuer and certified by the Turkish government's accredited institutions.

4. How long is the accepted time to prepare a property valuation report?

The property valuation report's preparation date must not exceed 3 months from the application's date; the report is valid until completing the procedure for applying for Turkish citizenship.

5. Can I register the property's value at the title deed at a price lower than its actual cost to lower the tax rate?

The value of a property registered in the title deed cannot be lower than the value recorded in the valuation report. If there is a difference between the two values, the property will be rejected for the Turkish citizenship application process.

6. How is the dollar exchange rate calculated when paying for the property?

According to the Central Bank of Turkey price bulletin, the dollar's exchange rate will be calculated according to the purchase date's official price.

7. Can I pay the property amount in cash?

This is against the law; all financial payments from the buyer to the seller must be under-documented bank transfers, issued from the buyer's account to the seller's account.

8. Can the property price be just under $400,000?

It can’t. The law states that the property's value must be slightly higher than the amount specified in the regulations so that the Turkish citizenship process will proceed properly.

9. How is the total value of the property verified?

The foreign investor will be asked to provide transfer receipts that confirm bank transfers between buyer and seller from the sending and receiving bank. 

10. Can I buy a property from my brother or my non-Turkish friend and apply for Turkish Citizenship?

Unfortunately, the property cannot be purchased from a foreigner. You must buy the property from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish company. Properties purchased from foreigners will not be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

11. Can I buy a property in installments to apply for Turkish Citizenship?

The amount paid will be calculated only from the property's value, and if there are installments or mortgages, unpaid charges will not be calculated. Therefore, the installments paid must be more than $400,000 so that you can apply for Turkish citizenship for a property purchased in installments.

12. Can I sell the property directly after obtaining Turkish Citizenship?

No, the property can only be sold after three years from the date of purchase. You must write a pledge in the title deed, specifying not to sell the property for 3 years.

13. If I get Turkish citizenship after buying the property, will my spouse and children obtain Turkish citizenship with me as well?

Yes, spouses and children under 18 years will obtain Turkish citizenship when applying, using the same file as the property owner.

14. Can I buy more than one property to apply for Turkish citizenship?

Yes, it is possible to buy several properties, provided that the documentation of all properties is together and the total value of the properties is more than $400,000 at the date of submission of the application.

15. If all the conditions are met, is it inevitable that I get Turkish citizenship?

The Turkish Government shall check the file of each investor. Based on the file's review, the decision to grant citizenship shall be taken independently of each request. The decision shall be issued in case of approval by the Presidency of the Republic.

16. Can I buy any residential or commercial property to apply for Turkish citizenship?

Yes, you can buy any property you choose if it costs more than $400,000, it does not matter if it is an apartment, villa, retail store, or any other property type.

17. How long does it take to Obtain Turkish citizenship after buying a property?

Three months is the period specified for the completion of procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship, including the process of the delivery of the required documents in full to the Turkish Government and signing by the President of the Republic.

18. I have a property I bought previously. Can I apply for Turkish citizenship?

-If the property's date of purchase is before 12/01/2017, you cannot apply for Turkish citizenship.

-If the purchase date is 12/01/2017 until 18/09/2018, the property must be at least 1 million USD. 

-If the date of purchase is after 19/09/2018 until 12/06/2022, it must be at least 250,000 USD*. (For any purchase after 12/06/2022, the minimum investment must be at least 400,000 USD.)

*The application for the annotation and evaluation report must be submitted before 12/06/2022.

19. After obtaining Turkish citizenship for a real estate investment, will I be called for compulsory military service in Turkey?

If you obtain Turkish citizenship after 22, you would be exempted from military service in Turkey.

20. If I get Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property, how can my children over 18 get Turkish citizenship?

You can submit a separate file for each child of 18 years or older to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for a real estate investment, and the same conditions must be applied in full.

21. Can I retain my original nationality after receiving Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property?

Yes, you can undoubtedly maintain both citizenships; there are no requirements for renouncing your original nationality when you receive Turkish citizenship.

22. Can I authorize another person to submit a citizenship file and follow up on the procedures instead of me? 

Yes, you can submit a citizenship file via an agency at the Turkish embassy in your country or the notary public in Turkey. You can find any person to follow up on the proceedings on your behalf.

23. How long does it take to obtain Turkish Citizenship (TC) for all family members?

It usually takes approximately 3-4 months to obtain Turkish citizenship and Turkish passports for the principal applicant (investor) and other family members, provided that all the documentation is ready and duly compiled. Pre and post-investment works are appropriately completed and diligently followed up. 

24. Does the Turkish government allow foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey?

Under a 2012 regulation, the Turkish government has permitted foreigners to buy flats and apartments.

25. Which steps need to be taken by a foreigner seeking to buy a property in Turkey?

The standard procedure for buying property remains the same for citizens and foreigners alike; after you have decided on the property you want to buy, you have to sign the contract with the landlord and then complete the land registry office's payment procedure. Then, the title deed will be prepared for you.

26. Will the family of the property owner enjoy the beneficiaries? 

Once you have received the title deed, you can apply for the residency permit. The permission will make your spouse and children below 18 eligible to access the beneficiaries.

27. Can I share my name with someone else in the title deed?

Yes, you can share your naming rights on the title deed with your partner's name, so every partner is the title deed's rightful owner.

28. Can foreigners apply for a mortgage bank loan?

Generally, foreigners are not allowed to apply for a mortgage loan, namely due to a lack of Turkish credibility. However, a few banks may provide loans for them.

29.  As a foreigner, how do I get a tax number?

The Tax office provides the tax number. You will need to get your passport translation completed and approved by a notary and then submit it to the tax office.

30. Is it necessary to get earthquake insurance?

Earthquake insurance has become compulsory in Turkey. Whether you are a citizen or not, if you own a Turkey property, you must obtain an earthquake insurance policy. It can be as low as 450 TL, depending on the property.

31. Can I get my house insured in Turkey? 

Yes, you can. Home insurance is available at affordable prices in Turkey.

32. How are utility bills paid?

Like most places, gas, electricity, and water bills are sent to each resident monthly. Utility bills can be paid by setting up a direct debit payment from your bank account.

33. What are the Restrictions on property acquisition by foreigners?

  1. The country of the foreign prospective foreign buyer must be among the countries cleared by Turkey for property acquisition as specified in Article 35. Property acquisition by foreign real persons is only possible within the scope of legal restrictions further to Article 35 of the Land Registry Law 2644.

  2. Foreigners can not acquire properties in military forbidden zones further to the Military Forbidden Zones and Security Zones Law No.2565.

  3. A foreign real person (not a business entity) may acquire properties and restricted real rights of up to 30 hectares maximum. The President may increase this size up to two times, though very difficult to extend unless mass job creation is expected.

  4. The total area of properties acquired by foreign real persons and independent and continuous limited real rights may not exceed ten percent (10%) of the surface area of the subject district of the private property.

  5. Acquisition by foreigners is not possible at the places included in strategic areas and special security zones defined by the President as areas where foreign real and legal persons may not acquire properties.

  6. Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, amended with Law No. 6302, specifies that “Provided that legal restrictions are complied with, foreign origin real persons who want to become citizens of the country as defined by the President where required for international bilateral relations and interests of the country may acquire property and limited real rights in Turkey.

  7. Real persons who are citizens of a country in the list of specified countries are not required to obtain a separate residence permit to acquire a property and limited real rights.

34. Will I have any language troubles while communicating in Turkey?

No. Turks speak English, especially in tourist areas, so this will not be an issue. 

35. Can I bring my pets to Turkey? 

As long as your pets are duly inoculated and have a pet passport, yes, you can. 

36. Do I have clothing restrictions on the type of clothes to wear?

No, there are no formal restrictions regarding the type of clothing to wear in Turkey.

37. Are polygamy and same-sex marriage recognized and acceptable in Turkey?

Only heterosexual and monogamous marriages are allowed under Turkish law. Polygamy occasionally occurs, but it’s illegal.

38. Is Turkey a safe country to live in, security-wise?

Although recent terrorist threats have plagued some cities, Turkey is considered one of the world's safest Islamic countries. The safety of ex-pats remains a top priority to the Turkish security agency, and this is visible through local awareness and report systems set up to attend to complaints.

39. Will I find an accessible and good healthcare system in Turkey? 

Yes, the Turkish medical institution is ranked as one of the most advanced in the world. In recent years medical tourism has increased.

40. Is it a difficult process to bring my car along to Turkey?

It is generally a difficult task that requires a lot of documentation by the Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey. It is advisable to rent a vehicle or buy one. 

41. Are there good schools in Turkey?

Yes, there are many international schools in Turkey and a lot of vocational institutes that provide quality education at all levels.

42. Can I perform my trade in Turkey?

Yes, you can carry out a trade as a foreigner in Turkey, as long as they are legal.

Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

Turkey property alternatives come in a wide range of architectural approaches, unique designs, and social facilities. And various apartment, residence, penthouse, villa, and other home options are as close as a phone to you with Bari Global now!