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Sariyer Real Estate Opportunities for Foreign Investors

28/10/2021 Sariyer Real Estate Opportunities for Foreign Investors

Istanbul is a metropolitan city, having several investment opportunities for both local and foreign investors. With 39 districts and hundreds of neighborhoods, valuable on different levels, the city offers more than a residency. Sariyer is among the most peaceful and touch in nature districts of this metropolis. Thus, Sariyer real estate opportunities gain more and more importance day by day.

The real estate sector is one of the foremost business fields and investment areas in Istanbul. Turkey is also an excellent destination to invest in real estate as it provides the investors with Turkish citizenship by investment chance for $400.000. Luxury real estate in Istanbul has become an attraction point for international property investors.

Since the last regulations in foreign investment have raised the demand in Istanbul real estate choices drastically, many famous districts like Sariyer have turned into a paradise for property investors thanks to various luxury living standards. 

The rising demand for luxury villas in Istanbul for sale has also considerably contributed to the value of Sariyer in terms of real estate investments. Bosphorus view villas and apartments, forest view flats, and residences in the business center like Maslak are now the favorites of foreign investors.

Evaluation of Sariyer District and Istanbul Properties

The Sariyer district has always been one of the most upscale and elegant locations in the city. Its closeness to the center alongside the worth seeing Bosphorus and Northern Forest views also play a significant role in the evaluation of the area. So, for those looking for luxury villas in Istanbul for sale to invest in, Sariyer could be the best choice.

In addition to the natural beauty that Sariyer has, many business centers such as Maslak, Ayazaga, and the Vadi Istanbul region, make this district more preferable in terms of job opportunities. That’s why the ones who consider setting up a business or working in this city can opt for the Sariyer district while researching flats for sale in Istanbul’s European side.

On the other hand, Bogazici University, a deeply rooted and leading higher education institution in Turkey, has a crucial place as it embodies several local and international students successfully. Therefore, Sariyer and its neighborhoods such as Rumelihisari, Baltalimani, Istinye, and Emirgan host a remarkably young population within their borders. 

High Rental Return Advantage in Sariyer

According to the latest data, Sariyer is in the position of the most valuable district of Istanbul (September 2021). The rent increase rate in Sariyer has left all the other districts behind and become an in-demand region as an investment option. When it comes to the return on property investments, the approximate return is explained as 24 years. That’s why Sariyer, Istanbul properties should be on your real estate investment list if you want to make a high-profit purchase.

Anyone planning to buy a property for sale in Istanbul can take a look at Sariyer flats or residences to start a life here with peace in mind. Sariyer also offers a great deal of high rental returns after the property purchase. Investors intending to buy a property in Istanbul and catching the chance of a Turkish passport by property investment may have a considerable profit in Sariyer.

Luxury and Privileged Living in Sariyer, Istanbul Properties for Sale

Sariyer offers a wide range of luxury real estate options that meet your expectations, needs, and demands. So, all you have to do is decide on the property type and what kind of facilities you desire in your new living space. 

If you are not certain about the property and amenities, you can check out the project list that we have prepared for you. Here are the most unique and advantageous real estate alternatives:

Sea View Flats in Tarabya Chill Park 

Tarabya Chill Park is a project located near the Marmara Sea and has an unmissable Bosphorus view. The project, including many sea view flats, brings a calm atmosphere and relaxing green environment to its residents' feet. It is designed as a villa concept and could be an excellent choice for those who need an exclusive and peaceful lifestyle.

The location of Tarabya Chill Park offers its investors quality time and helps them experience a vacation-like residency without compromising city life. An elegant neighborhood of the project also provides a safe and secure living space where kids run around the garden, play sports with their friends, and laugh as they want freely. 

Empyrean Maslak Residences near Vadi Istanbul

Maslak is the foremost neighborhood of the Sariyer district as it is an important business center in Istanbul. The Empyrean Maslak project has various office and flat options for real estate investors. Besides, since it is implemented near Vadi Istanbul, hosting many famous brands inside the mall and different events in Turkcell Vadi, it guarantees high rental returns in the short term.

Alongside its very central location, the project has several Bosphorus view houses and Northern Forests view apartments for those who want a place in a valuable region. Another attractive feature of the project is the high-quality and genuinely designed furniture in the houses. So, if your priority is elegance and chicness, you can look at that project and make the best investment with nature view apartments.

Concept Maslak Apartments in the Business Center

The Maslak region becomes prominent through a number of offices and residences and breathes new life into the business world with brand new projects built. Concept Maslak is among the projects which present both privileged and dynamic living for investors. The project owes its success to its Bosphorus view luxury apartments.

However, Concept Maslak also offers a coworking space inside the project alongside modern and elegant flats. Plus, the residents can meet their needs with 42 Mall, located inside the project.

Additionally, in Concept Maslak, you can discover the most authentic tastes of Turkish cuisine thanks to the Turkish Gastronomy Museum. This museum makes the project unique with that unrivaled facility.  

Istanbul Real Estate Options to Make an Investment

Istanbul is a city full of opportunities for real estate investors. With the latest regulations by the Turkish government, buying a property in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and getting Turkish citizenship by investment is much more affordable than ever!

Istanbul real estate options also increase with every passing day. Therefore, if you consider investing in real estate and purchasing a property in Sariyer, you can visit our website, Bari Global, and get detailed information about the projects. 

As Bari Global Real Estate & Investment Firm, we take pride in telling you that we are here to guide you in the property purchase and acquiring a Turkish passport process. You can contact us now and have knowledge of all the legal procedures, required documents, and stages of citizenship advantage. 

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Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

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