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Reasons for Rejection of the Request for Residency in Turkey

08/04/2022 Reasons for Rejection of the Request for Residency in Turkey

You are considering a long-term or permanent residence in Turkey, and you have applied for it, but your application was rejected. So what is the reason? The rejection of a residence permit application in Turkey is mostly due to procedural errors. In addition, the reasons for rejection may differ depending on the type of residence permit application.

You can find the most related problems about the Turkey residence permit issue below.

Most Common Reason for Residence Permit Applications in Turkey to be Rejected

After applying for residency in Turkey, you may be puzzled to learn that your request is rejected.

Here are some of the reasons for rejection of the residence permit in Turkey:

  1. The absence of the necessary conditions according to the type of residence permit to be obtained

  2. Filling the residence permit application form incorrectly

  3. Existence of a deportation decision regarding the foreigner

  4. Existence of a foreigner's entry ban

  5. Carrying a disease that would be considered a threat to public health

  6. When the person comes to Turkey, he/she does not give the information of the address where he/she will stay.

  7. Having applied for a residence permit or short-term resident permit in Turkey after violating a visa

  8. Making an application for the type of residence permit that is not suitable for the person

  9. Applying for a residence permit after the visa exemption period has expired

Considering such situations, it is highly likely that your request for residency in Turkey may be rejected.

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How to Appeal for Rejection of Residence Permit in Turkey?

Provisions on the application for a residence permit in Turkey in the case of Objection to the Rejection of the Residence Permit Request are available in Law No. 6458. Foreign nationals who think they meet the written requirements can apply for a residence permit by preparing their documents.

As a result of the evaluation of the application, the residence permit request of the foreign national may be rejected. In case of rejection of the residence permit request, a "Notification Form" will be given to the foreign national. In this form, the reason for the rejection of the application will be written.

To file an appeal against the rejection of the residence permit request, the foreigner who receives the notification form must apply to the Administrative Court within 60 days from the notification.

If the decision to reject the residence permit request has been taken by the foreign representatives, a lawsuit should be filed at the Ankara Administrative Court. If the decision was taken by the governorships, a lawsuit should be filed against the rejection decision in the administrative court where the governorship is located in the jurisdiction.

The case of refusal of the residence permit request is like a Cancellation Case. Annulment of the decision taken by the administration with the said case will be requested.

How Long Does it Take to Appeal a Residence Permit Refusal?

The duration of the lawsuit for rejection of the residence permit request varies according to the city where the lawsuit is filed. However, in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, this case is concluded in an average of 6-9 months. However, the duration may vary.

How to Reapply After Rejection?

In case of rejection of the residence permit request, the person can leave the country within the legal period and re-enter the country at any time. In this case, if the foreign national wants to make a new application within 6 months, they must submit a new residence permit request.

That means they have to apply for another type of residence permit. If they want to apply for a residence permit for the same reason, the 6-month period must expire.

Can I Get a Refund of the Residence Permit Fee?

The answer to this question may vary. If your residence permit application is rejected, or you get less time than you applied for, you may be able to get a refund of some of the application fees. It depends on what kind of document the immigration specialist gives you at the end of your appointment.

If You Received an Official Communication Document: This document is an A-4 sized paper that simply says the Directorate General of Migration Management or immigration office has received your application and that they will process it. It also states that your fees won't be refunded. Both you and the immigration office specialist must sign this document. If you get one of these documents, unfortunately, you will not be able to get a refund of any of the fees you paid.

If You Received a Residence Permit Application Document: This is also an A-4 size paper, but with your photo on it. "Temporary Residence Permit" is written at the top of this document and is valid for 90 days.

If you received one of these documents, it means that your residence is approved. But you may, for example, be given one year of residence instead of the two years you applied for. Or you may later receive a message to go to the local immigration office and be given a rejection letter for some reason. If you get the rejection letter, it will include instructions on how to appeal the rejection.

Can I Get a Health Insurance Refund?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a health insurance fee refund.

What Are Overstay Fees?

Foreigners whose visa period is exceeded must pay a penalty fee in addition to the residence permit fee. To learn the correct overstaying fine amount of foreigners who stay illegal in Turkey, they should apply to visa violation offices at airports and border gates.

The number of fines to be applied in cases where a visa violation and penalty fees and the amount of leakage that they are citizens of foreign countries are calculated in different ways depending on the nature of the time they stay in Turkey.

When Do I Have to Leave Turkey?

In case of rejection of the residence permit request, the foreign national, upon the expiration of the visa or visa exemption, has to leave the country within 10 days. Objecting to the refusal of the residence permit will not stop the deportation proceedings.

For this reason, a deportation decision will be made for foreigners who do not leave the country in due time. At the same time, an administrative fine will be incurred. However, if an objection is made to the deportation decision in due time, the deportation proceedings will be suspended by the law (Article 53 of the LFIP).

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