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Real Estate Investment in Beylikduzu Property Options

16/11/2021 Real Estate Investment in Beylikduzu Property Options

Turkey is a country that draws a lot of interest because of its advantageous geographic location. Turkey's strategic location, historical features, tourist destinations, rich cultural structure, and fast-rising real estate sector make it one of the most valued countries in the world. Buying property in Turkey gives real estate investors a competitive advantage and allows them to raise the value of their investment. 

Since Turkey is one of the countries that influence the real estate industry, it draws the attention of local and foreign investors. Istanbul houses are among the most distinguished destinations for investors. Foreign and domestic investors are both interested in the real estate market, and the most popular investment destination for foreigners is Istanbul city. 

The city receives a big part of attention for its cultural richness, friendly environment, and geographic position between Asia and Europe. Istanbul properties offer additional benefits to investors looking to invest in real estate while maintaining their value. Because of its rich cultural past, Istanbul, as one of Turkey's most metropolitan cities, is one of the locations that investors from all over the world evaluate due to its extensive transit network, social facilities, and business centers.

Rising Value of Istanbul: Investment in Beylikduzu

The Beylikduzu district, Istanbul's new attraction center, is influencing the Turkish real estate market. Beylikduzu, which is constantly developing its structure and hosting new projects, is one of the most popular destinations for people looking to invest in Beylikduzu property options. Those who want to invest in new projects will find this district's real estate value is gradually rising.

Due to its abundant transportation options, rapidly developing structure, and nearby social facilities, Beylikduzu is also regarded as one of the new development addresses in Istanbul.

Beylikduzu residential areas, which are rapidly increasing in value among the housing projects located on Istanbul's European side, provide great deals in addition to the region's shopping centers, exhibition centers, transportation options, education, and social life areas.

Foreign and domestic investors alike are attracted to the region because it provides residential options to suit every budget and standard. Since Beylikduzu is one of the areas where the real estate value is steadily increasing, Beylikduzu apartment for sale will add value to your investment. The district is becoming one of the most popular real estate destinations among holiday homes, apartment complexes, penthouses, and villas for sale. In the last four years, the price of square meters in the district has increased by %84, proving to investors how high the region has gained in value.

Evaluation of the Beylikduzu District: Investment Opportunities in Istanbul

Although Istanbul has the best-performing real estate sector in Turkey, certain districts outperform others in attracting homebuyers. Many foreign investors are interested in the Beylikduzu property market. If you are looking for a property for sale in Istanbul with a high rental income, Beylikduzu might be the ideal option for you.

With the extension of the Metrobus line to Beylikduzu, the transportation problem in the area has disappeared. At the same time, housing prices in Beylikduzu began to rise. It is expected to a further increase in Beylikduzu apartment prices with the Beylikduzu-Incirli metro line under construction. Flats for sale in Istanbul European side, Beylikduzu provide a rental return of 3.4% within a month, 79.6% within three years, and 90.7% within five years.

With the highways, hospitals, educational institutions, entertainment centers, factories, housing projects, and shopping malls, which have increased in number recently, a metropolis concept has emerged in the region. In addition, the presence of high schools and universities in the district increases the demand for rental apartments in Beylikduzu, which is densely populated by the young population.

The socioeconomic status score is calculated considering livability, welfare, and culture level scores. Beylikduzu region stands out as one of the most advantageous regions for living and investing, as one of the regions with the highest level based on its socioeconomic status score.

Elegant Apartments for Sale in Istanbul: Blue Habitat Beylikduzu

The Blue Habitat project, implemented in Beylikduzu, is one of the most developed regions of Istanbul in recent years. Alongside the housing options, there are commercial areas for those who want to invest in real estate.

Alongside the residential complexes, there are also commercial areas in the project. The Blue Habitat project is surrounded by green spaces where you will feel away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is not only an investment opportunity but also a unique housing project with its sea view flats.

Detached Villas for Sale in Istanbul: Joyful Villas

Joyful Villas are located in the Beylikduzu district, which is in the western part of Istanbul. Situated just a couple of minutes away from West Marina, Joyful Villas has charming views. The project is ideal for families or anyone looking to get away from the chaos of city life.

The peaceful neighborhood makes it suitable to enjoy the fresh air and large green spaces with lush trees, besides various social amenities. This project is an unrivaled opportunity for a safe and pleasant lifestyle in a quiet region for a profitable foreign investment in Turkey. Aside from the natural beauty, the area is well-connected by major highways and public transportation. It is surrounded by shopping malls such as Marmara Park, Perlavista Mall, and Torium Mall.

If you also consider the Sisli district as a real estate investment option, you can check out our blog guide named Sisli Real Estate Options for Foreign Investors to get detailed information about the region.

Unique Investment Opportunities in Beylikduzu: Beyview Villas

Beyview Villas provides you with an appreciation of Istanbul. No chaos is available on the project, though it is located significantly close to every center. The project includes a large number of social facilities for its residents. There is a swimming pool, playground, a private garage, security systems, and many more.

The project is close to major highways, transportation networks, shopping malls, schools, universities, and health centers. The project offers a boutique way of living as if you are in a private neighborhood created for you. Luxurious and modern designs are waiting for you in Beylikduzu, one of the rising areas of Istanbul for investment.

Not to Miss Chances to Make a Real Estate Investment

Foreign investors are continuing to grow their profits in Istanbul by investing in a variety of properties. Megaprojects are carried out in the Turkish real estate sector. Companies in Turkey also keep up with the evolving real estate industry by following advanced technologies and innovations. Since the country allows acquiring Turkish citizenship by property investment in exchange for $400,000, purchasing property in the country is more appealing than ever.

Istanbul real estate projects have a great variety in terms of investment and housing. If you plan to invest in real estate and buy a home in Istanbul, you can check our website, Bari Global, to discover our portfolio and learn more about the projects.

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