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Kagithane Property Options for Real Estate Investors

03/11/2021 Kagithane Property Options for Real Estate Investors

Being the most significant city in Turkey in terms of trade blocs, quality education, job opportunities, and cultural richness, Istanbul has to offer more than any other city due to the investment alternatives. In particular, some prominent districts, including Kagithane, have become the new favorite of property investors. Thus, Kagithane property options have taken an important part in the real estate sector recently.

Kagithane is a region full of opportunities as it is the rising star of the metropolitan city. Kagithane, located on the European side of Istanbul, is adjacent to several well-developed areas and neighbors to critical districts where the business, education, and health sectors are quite improved. That’s why anyone looking for Istanbul real estate homes to invest in can consider that region with peace in mind.

The Republic of Turkey provides foreign investors with the chance of getting Turkish citizenship by property investment for at least $400.000. The latest regulations have allowed many international real estate buyers to acquire Turkish citizenship more affordable than ever. Nowadays, Istanbul real estate investment is an unmissable opportunity for dual-citizenship and luxury living experience.

Why Invest in the Kagithane District? 

There are numerous reasons for investing in Kagithane that investors should take into consideration before property purchase. Kagithane, with 19 neighborhoods, is situated near the Bosphorus and FSM bridges and the main arteries of the city. It is of undeniable importance that makes Kagithane an excellent spot in terms of real estate investment. Besides, more and more Istanbul real estate projects arise in this district every passing day.

In addition to the location advantage of Kagithane, many other details might be determinant in your decision. First of all, Kagithane is a district, having a great deal of real estate potential. It hosts several new, luxury, high-quality, and privileged projects within its borders. Among this wide range of property options, you can find the most suitable property according to your expectations.

There are lots of alternatives that you may be interested in, such as residences with social facilities, suitable for office usage apartments, stores for commercial use, and elegantly designed houses. These are just the examples coming first to mind. So, if you consider “Where to buy property in Istanbul?” Kagithane must be on your area list.

High-Profit Investment Advantages in Kagithane Properties

Kagithane is a promising region, bringing together many exclusive projects with a central location advantage. And more importantly, since Kagithane becomes one of the most valuable districts in the metropolis, your investment will never fail to make you earn a profit in the long term.

According to the latest data, the neighborhoods that provide fast returns are Sirintepe, Talatpasa, Telsizler, Yahya Kemal, and Yesilce. And the average return of the property investment is calculated as 24 years (2021). Plus, Kagithane, Istanbul luxury real estate options have high rental demands and allow their investors to make a remarkable profit thanks to the location and other advantages.

Secondly, the Kagithane district is located at the heart of the business centers of Istanbul, such as Levent, Sisli, Mecidiyekoy, Maslak, etc. Therefore, whether you prefer to live in your newly acquired property or evaluate it as a high-profit investment, you will never regret buying a property in Kagithane. For a luxury property in Istanbul, Kagithane is the most advantageous and convenient region in the city.

On the other hand, if you are looking for Istanbul luxury apartments for sale without compromising the city life’s privileges, Kagithane could be the best choice with its worth of discovering malls. Zorlu Center, Kanyon, Ozdilek, and Vadi Istanbul are the major shopping malls situated inside or nearby Kagithane and host several local & international brands, famous restaurants and cafes, entertainment areas, and cinema halls for your needs and demands.

An Upscale Lifestyle with Exclusive Projects in Kagithane

The Kagithane district is the center of newly developed luxury projects at the very heart of the city. It is as easy as pie to find both genuinely designed and centrally located living spaces in that region. That’s why, while searching for luxury apartments in Istanbul to invest in, Kagithane will be the exact spot for a reasonable investment. Furthermore, we guarantee that there will be nothing missing here throughout your residency.

If you need suggestions about the exclusive properties implemented in the Kagithane region, you can check out our informative list and decide on the project type and special amenities. Here are the most advantageous and privileged real estate projects:

Well-Established Seaside Park Residential Suites

Seaside Park is a project implemented in Maslak, the business center of Istanbul. Easy transportation to important locations is one of the most prominent features of the project. Thus, it provides its investors with being connected to the business world as well as social life.

Inside Seaside Park, 559 residences and 55 stores allow property buyers to select the best one among a wide range of investment options. Additionally, social facilities, such as a swimming pool, playground, and fitness center, create an entire living space for both individuals and families. 

Centrally Located Link Quality Flats

The Link Quality project offers its investors to experience life at the heart of the city thanks to its central location. Being near many significant business areas, such as Levent, Maslak, and Mecidiyekoy, Kagithane has an important place in the real estate sector. Thus, it is one of the top-notch districts in Istanbul.

When we take a closer look at the project, we could find various flat options according to every demand, need, and budget. Besides, it is more than a bare home with its secure environment and suitability for families. Last but not least is the Kagithane region’s advantage in terms of high rental demand. By investing in a suitable Kagithane property, you can also increase your profit day by day.

If you also consider the Sariyer district as a real estate investment option, you can check out our blog guide named Sariyer Real Estate Opportunities for Foreign Investors and get detailed information about the region.

Flora Suites with Comfortable Social Facilities

Flora Suites, constructed in the Kagithane district, present a quality life with several comfortable social facilities. Built in 2 blocks and 145 residences, the project also includes office options for real estate investors.

One of the outstanding amenities of Flora Suites is the functional and convenient lifestyle it offers. Alongside these, the project gives you the chance to live a peaceful and tranquil life without leaving the city behind with your loved ones. You can find more than a home in Flora Suites or enjoy profit growth by leasing your property out.

Istanbul Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Istanbul is a metropolitan city, holding numerous investment opportunities in a wide range of sectors, such as import & export, health tourism, real estate, etc. And with recent regulations on Turkish citizenship by investment program, getting a Turkish passport through property purchases has become much more affordable for foreign investors.

Additionally, Istanbul real estate investment options are constantly increasing with the help of modern residential units. Therefore, if you think of buying a property in Istanbul, Turkey, you can visit our website and get further information about the luxury projects for your investment.

As Bari Global Real Estate & Investment Firm, we are here to guide you in the property purchase and becoming a Turkish citizen process. You can get in touch with us now and know all the legal procedures, required documents, and stages of citizenship advantage. 

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Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

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