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Istanbul Properties to Invest in: Uskudar

17/11/2021 Istanbul Properties to Invest in: Uskudar

Turkey is known for its gorgeous coastlines, pleasant climate, and affordable property prices, making it one of the friendliest and most attractive countries. Massive developments have occurred in Turkey in recent years, and the value of Turkish real estate has reached a point where it is being noted globally. Turkey's construction industry has been thriving, intending to build some of the most luxurious buildings.

The country has a wide range of property options, especially in Istanbul. When compared to other tourist locations, prices are still relatively reasonable. The country offers its investors the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment in exchange for $400.000 on property purchase.

Turkey offers many advantages to its investors, as the most-used foreign currencies are valuable against the Turkish currency. Ever-developing technology, a wide range of properties on the Asian side of Istanbul, and business opportunities draw investors, especially Middle Eastern buyers.

Uskudar is one of the top tourist attractions of Istanbul, being located at the heart of the Asian part of the city. The district overlooks the Bosphorus and the European part of Istanbul. Uskudar hosts the most exclusive residential and commercial areas that have high rental incomes.

Uskudar, the Historical Center of Istanbul

The Turkish government has always been interested in the Uskudar area because of its historical value, central location, and rising demand from tourists, as seen by the area's public transit and municipal facilities, in addition to its famous landmarks. The region is surrounded by Umraniye, Kadikoy, and Beykoz areas. These features have given the district great importance, and the value of real estate investments in the area has increased steadily.

During the Ottoman era, the Uskudar district was one of the three communities outside the city walls of Istanbul, along with Galata and Eyup. Today, Uskudar hosts various shopping malls, luxury apartments, elegant residential buildings, entertainment centers, health institutions, schools, and universities without breaking away from the area's historical texture.

Uskudar has climbed the ranks to become an attractive destination to buy and own property since becoming an official municipality in 1984. The district is recognized for its famous Maiden's Tower. Property owners and buyers will find everything they want, including shops, nightlife, entertainment, leisure, and pleasure pursuits, in this district with a population of 520,000 people.

Houses for Sale in Uskudar, Istanbul

There is a significant increase in demand for Uskudar real estate, which is increasing year after year. The value of the location has attracted more investments in the construction industry, making it one of Istanbul's most important locations for the most luxurious residential and commercial projects.

Especially with transportation facilities such as Marmaray, metro stations, and Metrobus, the district is in demand in the developing real estate sector. Housing prices are increasing steadily in Uskudar thanks to its prominent location, advanced transportation services, and the district's proximity to health facilities, educational institutions, and shopping malls.

Uskudar is a famous district of Istanbul that is divided into 33 neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods lead the way in attracting investors in terms of properties for sale and their luxury concepts such as Beylerbeyi, Camlica, Cengelkoy, Altunizade, Kisikli, Kandilli, Acibadem, and Unalan. These neighborhoods involve a high number of new and luxury developments with high investment potential. They also offer spectacular views and nearby social facilities close to the transportation hubs.

Uskudar's location on the Bosphorus, opposite Eminonu, is a strong draw for property purchasers, and people frequently use ferry services to get to the European side of Istanbul. Not only that, but the market's upper echelon is dominated by designer residences with all modern conveniences, stylish decor and design, and many apartments for sale in Istanbul Bosphorus view, allowing purchasers to get a prime property.

Houses for sale in Uskudar Istanbul and their costs are higher per square meter than in other areas due to their coastline, noteworthy location, and history, but buyers benefit from an exclusive lifestyle. In terms of education, health facilities, entertainment, and residential areas, Uskudar has much to offer. The population of the seaside area is moderate. Because of the high quality of life available in the region, investments are expanding every day.

Luxury Properties in Uskudar for Investment

Uskudar is one of the leading districts of Istanbul, having a long history from the past to the present. Due to the beauty of its natural texture since ancient times, it has always been a center of attraction. It is one of the leading investment regions on the Asian side with its cultural heritage and amazing Istanbul apartments for sale with a Bosphorus view. Uskudar district draws attention to its properties with a family-oriented concept and many social facilities.

Uskudar is a region that has a variety of real estate investment options. The demand for property for sale in Istanbul Uskudar has recently increased. According to the most recent statistics, the average monthly sales rate of real estate was 350 flats. The houses in the Uskudar district provide a rental return of 3.4% within a month, 33.1% within three years, and 55.8% within five years. It stands out as the 5th most valuable district of Istanbul in terms of rental rates.

Luxury properties in Uskudar involve sea view villas, penthouses, and elegant residential and commercial properties with top-notch facilities. To get to know more about the best projects in the region, check out the list we prepared for you.

Exclusive Properties for Sale in Istanbul Uskudar: Serenity Forest Kosuyolu

Serenity Forest project is located in Altunizade, a classy region of the Asian side of Istanbul. There are lots of options, and in all of them, you are provided with vast areas. You are offered a peaceful and exclusive lifestyle in a metropolitan city like Istanbul, without breaking away from city life. An excellent combination of luxury and comfort is given within the project. A beautiful swimming pool welcomes you at Serenity Forest Kosuyolu.

However, it is not the only facility in that project. You can always enjoy the freshwater surrounded by the worth seeing green landscape or meditative spa and Turkish bath after a long day. The project includes facilities such as an internal air conditioner, gym, playgrounds, CCTV system, and many more to provide you and your loved ones with a comfortable and serene life.

This unique project is located adjacent to Validebag Grove and next to the Bosphorus Bridge. It is surrounded by entertainment centers, health care facilities, and transportation hubs such as the metro, Marmaray, Metrobus, and ferries. It is close to the luxury shopping malls such as Tepe Nautilus, Akasya Mall, and Emaar Square Istanbul.

If you also consider the Sisli district as a real estate investment option, you can check out our blog guide named Real Estate Investment in Beylikduzu Property Options to get detailed information about the region.

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Istanbul: Top Mansions Camlica

Lots of opportunities are given at Top Mansions for you to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Camlica. It brings you both landscape pleasure and social activity opportunities in one field. Top Mansion is a high-end project with a lot to offer to its tenants, a rare project with an exquisite location, making it a great chance for investment in the Istanbul real estate market.

Top Mansions Camlica villas combine historical culture and pure air. Including the internal and external features together, the project also offers a wide range of social facilities. The project involves 24/7 support, top-notch security services, smart home systems, sports areas, fitness center, wellness center, and more. It is an unmissable housing project for those who would like to invest in Turkey.

Top Mansions Camlica is located in a very prominent place, between FSM Bridge and Bosphorus Bridge. Thanks to its proximity to the metro, you will reach any place you want to go in minutes. The project is close to medical aesthetic centers, hospitals, public and private educational institutions, and shopping centers.

Unique Homes for Sale in Uskudar: Modern Bosphorus Reserve

Kandilli is famous for its magnificent sights and history. Modern Bosphorus Reserve not only prevents that but takes it to a premium level. No need to mention the luminous Bosphorus view.

The design of the houses bears the signature of the world-famous architect Emre Arolat. The premium combination of aesthetic design with elite roots in Modern Bosphorus Reserve is an exclusive investment opportunity in Istanbul. The project includes many facilities such as internal air conditioners, smart home systems, 24/7 security systems, sports areas, a gym, playgrounds, and a wellness center.

Properties in Istanbul to Make An Investment in Turkey

Turkey has a strong economy and a young and skilled workforce, which has resulted in increased demand from foreign investors. Istanbul is a large metropolis with a great variety of investment options for both domestic and foreign investors. The city serves as Turkey's financial and cultural capital, and it is one of the most attractive investment destinations.

With the Turkish government's most recent regulations, purchasing a property in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, and obtaining a Turkish passport by investment is an exciting opportunity to make your dream come true.

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Turkey Real Estate Options to Invest

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