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In Which City of Turkey is Real Estate Investment Made?

22/07/2022 In Which City of Turkey is Real Estate Investment Made?

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable investment types. There are some points to consider while choosing this type of investment. In particular, the conditions and potential of the investment area should be considered, and the location, square meters, and functionality of the real estate should be evaluated by correct foresight. Research conducted at the real estate investment locations emphasizes that the economic developments of the cities should be regarded. 

Turkey is a country where investments are increasing every passing day with its developing economy and qualified workforce. Connecting Asia and Europe, Turkey has many important transportation points that attract foreign investors. Real estate, agriculture, energy, telecommunications, etc. There are investment incentives offered to foreign investors in many sectors. It is possible to invest in Turkey.

Why Should I Invest in Real Estate in Turkey?

Turkey has a wide range in terms of the real estate market. Therefore, it is highly preferred by foreign investors and is an attractive destination for foreign investors. Considering its location, climate, living standards, and many other aspects, Turkey succeeds in ranking first in real estate purchases. 

The Turkish real estate market has many advantages and options that have brought Turkish real estate to the forefront of global real estate in terms of quality, development, reasonable price, strategic location, and the active investment movement that promises huge profits for investors. 

Turkey has many beautiful cities apart from Istanbul. Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, Antalya, Bursa. These are some of them, and they are very popular with foreign investors. There are many types of real estate to suit everyone's wishes. We can take you to Izmir and Bodrum if you want a quiet and peaceful house on the Aegean coast; Antalya if you say I love the heat in 4 seasons; Istanbul, and Ankara if you say I can't stay away from the city and people.

Each of these cities enjoys specific features, and they come together to form a real estate market full of endless options for investment projects.

What is the Advantage of Investing in Real Estate in Turkey?

Having a home is a dream for everyone. Turkey gives you many reasons why buying a house in Turkey is not difficult. Turkey has always been a country that draws the attention of foreign investors with its natural and cultural richness, developed transportation network, geopolitical location, developed transportation network, tourism, trade, entertainment, and transportation. Turkey has always offered new opportunities for investors and is still working on increasing the value of investments and maintaining them with its stable and growing economy.

All foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey are eligible to apply for residency in Turkey. Foreigners who purchase at least $400,000 of property can apply for Turkish citizenship. The foreigner and his/her family will have the right to Turkish citizenship within six months. Buying a property in Turkey provides a profitable investment besides obtaining the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

The residence permit is given easily to foreigners, who bought real estate in Turkey. You can get a 3 years residence permit for yourself and your family by buying property for 650 thousand Turkish Liras. This residence permit is given to all family members (wife/husband and children under the age of 18). Children of foreigners settled in Turkey with a residence permit can obtain the right to enroll in educational institutions in Turkey.

The real estate sector in Turkey and construction in Turkey have developed very well in recent years and offer luxurious and modern property options to investors. While most newly built houses have home technologies, almost all have luxurious social facilities, such as a swimming pool, spa, and gym.

The cost of living in Turkey is also a lot cheaper than in EU countries or the US. Turkey is an agricultural country. 

It is possible to reach fresh fruits and vegetables in the country during the four seasons. For this reason, food expenses are low in our country. Foreigners coming from abroad can live a comfortable life in our country due to the exchange rate.

Turkey is vast! With an area of 780 000 km², Ankara is the capital, and Istanbul is the largest city. Turkey is a country with four seas: The Black Sea, Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean. All these factors make Turkey an attractive country from a tourist point of view, not only because of its geography but also because of the fauna, mesmerizing beaches, ideal climate, and richness of its history.

What Should Be Considered While Investing in Real Estate in Turkey?

The citizenship process of foreigners by investment is a process that can be carried out practically and quickly and has its subtleties. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate each stage separately in itself. That's why we can be with you every step of the way with our professional team. 

Before taking any actions or making a decision, you should define your goal for your investment. Wise investors try to list the advantages and risks involved in every investment they will make. In this case, you can have multiple goals to make the best investment in Turkey. For example, maybe you want to start a business in Turkey with the available low-cost workforce, or you can take a low-risk approach to your investment by choosing Turkey's real estate investment.


Turkey is also quite ahead in terms of security. Of course, crimes are committed, as in any other major city worldwide. However, this exists in other tourist spots due to rudeness and immigration. However, home systems are highly developed in Turkey, and you will feel safer than ever.


Turkey's position, you know very well, has become legendary. It is one of the rare countries that connects Europe and Asia and has 4 seasons. Each city has its distinctive features. Aegean and Mediterranean coasts for those who want calmness, and Istanbul is full of history for people who cannot stay away from city life!


Transportation in Turkey is also quite easy. If you want to travel across the cities, you can use your private car or city-to-city buses. You will not have traffic problems outside Istanbul and a few metropolitan cities. Although Istanbul is a big city, the traffic problem has been solved by public transport. That is also valid for cities such as Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, and Ankara.

Social Life

Since Turkey is rich in terms of history, you cannot complete it in a lifetime. You can find many social activities to do in Turkey. You will also be satisfied with shopping in Turkey, which hosts the largest shopping centers in Europe. In the newly built sites, you are offered completely different living spaces. You can socialize without leaving home and easily handle all your work. 

Bored on the weekends, you can plan inter-city trips and discover Turkey yourself. In summer, you can visit the blue flag beaches or islands that smell like history. In winter, he can go skiing resorts such as Bursa, Bolu, Kayseri, and Erzurum. 

In Which Cities Should Real Estate Investment Be Made?

There are things that you should know before investing in Turkey. Real estate investment is one of the investment types that bring the most profit. When choosing the type, there are some matters to pay attention to. Especially the terms and potential of the investment area should be considered, property’s location, meter squares, and functionality should be evaluated.

Research on locations of real estate investments emphasizes the need to pay attention to cities’ economic developments. Primarily the research about the properties that bring a high profit, the inspection of analyses and evaluations gain importance. While in some cities in Turkey, the profit incomes of houses are high, in other cities commercial business investments offer a chance to bring more profit. Especially foreigners looking to invest in Turkey pay close attention to cities’ growing trends.


As Bosphorus real estate is the center of all commercial investments, Istanbul always preserves its first place among the most developed cities in the world. With a 15 million population, historical texture, and beauty, Istanbul is accepted as one of the metropolitans. Being one of the most prestigious investment platforms, almost every investment made in any district of Istanbul increases in value. However, according to real estate reports, the most profitable and valuable districts include Besiktas, Sariyer, and Bakirkoy. 

Bahcelievler and Bakirkoy-Yesilyurt are areas that offer a high number annual increase of around 27%. Tarabya in Sariyer, Gunesli Neighborhood in Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece, Fatih's neighborhoods, Kocatepe in Bayrampasa, and Mimar Sinan Neighborhood in Buyukcekmece are also locations with a profit of 22%. The income rate potential for stores in these locations besides in other districts in Istanbul is very high. It is safe to say the finest opportunities for investments are in Istanbul.


One of the cities that have great importance among Turkey’s commercial investment cities is Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey. You can buy a property Ankara Turkey. The fact that Ankara is the center of all senior bureaucracy of Turkey comes even before those. The most important public organizations, ministries, and international institutions are also located in Ankara. 

Ranking first among Turkey’s Most Livable Cities since 2008, Ankara is one of the best provinces to invest in the construction sector. Especially in the Cankaya district, there are many housing projects and commercial store projects for investment. Being one of the most prominent cities in the defense industry, Ankara is also suitable for investing in the education, service, tourism, and food sectors. The most important quality of Ankara is the convenience of transportation to anywhere in Turkey, therefore in Europe and Asia, in a short period.


Izmir is one of the remarkable tourism cities that has a population of 4,28 million but double that number during summer. One of the most suitable locations to invest in is rising in terms of its economy with ancient cities, natural beauties, beaches, and city activities. According to the real estate reports, some of the neighborhoods we mentioned are located in Izmir. 

These neighborhoods include Mavisehir connected to Karsiyaka, neighborhoods of Atakent and Bostanli, Narlidere – Yenikale, and neighborhoods of Narli and Ilica, Kazimdirik, Guzelbahce, and Yali neighborhoods connected to Bornova. Annual price change rates vary between 13,3% and 26,8% in these locations. Gorgeous mass housing projects and ts, luxurious retail store projects are prominent instruments to invest within Izmir. Aside from these, five-star hotel projects, stores, and beaches by the sea, mall store investments are also very high in demand in Izmir.


Outside of Istanbul, there are 15 more neighborhoods with the highest m2 sales and rental rates. These neighborhoods are located in Izmir and Mugla cities, perfect for tourism investors, and Ankara, a rare find for construction investors. Having an amazing location between the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, Mugla is still one of the most successful tourist cities with Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, and many more beautiful districts. 

Bodrum’s Ortakent district is the first in line with an annual price change rate of 20,6%. Datca İskele area in Mugla and Konacik area in Bodrum also earn a profit of 14%. While the sqm price is around 6.421 TL in Ortakent, it is 5.274 TL in Konacik and 4.241 TL in Iskele.