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Turkey's EU Membership

13/10/2021 Turkey's EU Membership

The EU was formed after World War II, and its primary purpose is to protect world peace. Through various achievements, the EU has achieved its goals and is still trying to expand globally. It provides its members with the same benefits to create a unified nation. Turkey is one of the candidate countries waiting for full membership. 

The European Union (EU) and Turkey established relations in 1959. The institutional structure was connected with the Ankara Agreement in 1963. Turkey is a partner of the EU, and both are members of the European Union–Turkey Customs Union. Turkey shares borders with two EU member countries: Bulgaria and Greece.

The EU Membership for Turkey is considered an essential part of reaching the level of contemporary civilizations. The country offers a powerful and effective system as it has the experience of managing the Balkans, and the Caucasus and shares the history and culture of the people living here. Turkey is a NATO member and has a strategic partnership with the USA; all these factors considered, EU membership in Turkey will contribute to the goal of the European Union.

Benefits of Turkey’s EU Membership

European Union countries have a high life expectancy, and their population consists of people over 65 years of age. Because of this, the labor market is weak. Turkey has many motivated and talented young people, which provide cheap and effective labor because many young people are looking for work opportunities.

Turkey’s EU Membership

Secondly, every year, millions of people seek refuge in EU countries under harsh conditions. Work is underway to stop this movement of refugees by the EU and Turkey through an agreement. 

Turkey poses as a transit country to meet the needs of diversification of energy sources of the European Union. There is a project for gas and oil transportation from Azerbaijan to Europe through Turkey, and Russian gas to Ukraine is also transferred via Turkey. 

EU membership of the country would be a role model for growing prosperity, democracy, and human rights standards for other countries like the Middle East, which is supposed to contribute to the democratic transformation stabilizing and securing the EU. 

Turkey and the EU have a common border, which can contribute to security by collaborating on problems, such as fighting against drugs and arms trafficking.

The euro, competing against the Dollar, has a strong position in the world economy. In this manner, EU membership of Turkey can provide integration with a common currency. EU membership can provide economic benefits associated with increased stability of the united democratic system and safety to the EU members through the free transfer of goods and services. This way, Turkey can gain more trade pathways than it could have through being independent.

The country has a well-developed infrastructure. Since Turkey is an essential part of the railway project that reaches Beijing from London, European countries will have to cooperate in transportation and communication as they are connected through a shared transportation network.

Since the EU provides resources for the member country to prevent economic collapse, an economically acute crisis can rely on the EU. EU members can access the collective funds available to improve their economy and living standards, enabling the EU member countries to rebuild and improvise the areas to raise the quality of living. 

The EU member country citizens get the freedom of traveling, working, living, and studying in the other EU member countries. The social benefits for Turkey would be that the citizens can travel freely through Europe without visas or any other documents.

Being away from discrimination of age, ethnicity, religion, and disability, the EU creates jobs and financial opportunities for the citizens to look for jobs and improve their living and finances, offering gender equality and social inclusion to enhance the lifestyle of the citizens of member countries. The EU's support for civil society is a primary focus of its financial assistance to Turkey.

The environmental benefits of joining the EU are constant research and upgrading of eco-friendly materials and machinery shared by the members. EU members constantly work towards reducing pollution throughout the world. 

With EU membership, Turkish citizens will be able to travel, explore, study and work throughout the countries which are members of the EU and can send a portion of their earnings to family back home in Turkey. 

The establishment of a Customs Union, which would allow Turkey to free trade and agricultural products with EEC nations, is a fundamental component of this strategy. Turkish farmers, producers, and suppliers will get full access to the European market, reducing prices on consumer goods and increasing values in the real estate market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How close is Turkey to join the EU?

Turkey is one of the EU's main partners, and both are members of the European Union. Negotiations between the EU and Turkey were launched, and the country is waiting for full membership.

2. What are the pros of Turkey joining the European Union?

  1. Free trade opportunity within the Union.

  2. It encourages a sense of community.

  3. It stops nations that have control over weak countries.

  4. The use of a common currency reduces currency exchange fluctuations.

  5. The EU established new job opportunities.

  6. There is no conflict between affiliate countries.

3. Why is Turkey important for Europe?

Turkey shares geographical borders with Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and the EU. If Turkey joins the EU, there will be a bridge between East and West.

4. Is Turkey part of the EU common market?

Following the signing of the Ankara Agreement in 1963, Turkey has been an associate member of the European Community (EC) since 1964. The European Council decided to begin accession talks with Turkey on this basis.

5. How strong is a Turkish passport?

The Turkish passport is ranked number 38 in the world and number 18 in Europe.

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