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7 Best Locations in Turkey to Live According to Ex-pats

17/10/2022 7 Best Locations in Turkey to Live According to Ex-pats

This article provides an overview of the various places to live in Turkey, including Istanbul, as well as the most popular coastal locations ideal for retirement in the sun.

Turkey has long been a favorite vacation spot for people looking for a sunny vacation spot that also offers delicious food and interesting cultural experiences.

As a consequence, it should not come as a surprise that it offers all of this and more to people interested in relocating permanently.

There are still many places in Turkey that have preserved their traditional allure, even though some of its larger cities have taken on a more contemporary and urban atmosphere.

Turkey's low cost of living and diverse cultural landscape make it an appealing destination for people looking to relocate abroad. If you find that appealing, the following are some of the most desirable locations in Turkey to make your home.

1. Istanbul: The city most expatriates choose to live in

Istanbul is, without a doubt, one of the best places to live in all of Turkey for individuals looking for employment, particularly in business. Because it encompasses the country's history, besides its economy and culture, doing business in this sector is quite profitable.

Because Istanbul is home to some of the world's most advanced internet infrastructure, it's another city highly recommended for digital nomads.

It should come as no surprise that the cost of living in this region is significantly higher than in the rest of Turkey; however, if you are willing to look for housing in the suburbs and commute to work, you can get around this issue.

It has everything you could require from a metropolitan space of this kind, including lively nightlife, plenty of shopping, excellent local and international schools, and, of course, attractions such as the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and more.

The weather in Istanbul is pleasant, and even in the summer, it does not reach unbearable levels of heat (it usually peaks around 24 C). However, sometimes winters can be chilly.

In addition, if you do not have a significant level of fluency in Turkish, living in Istanbul will be a good choice for you because a significant number of people there are fluent in English.

2. Antalya: Business opportunities related to tourism 

Because Antalya is such a popular tourist location, it is an excellent choice for anyone considering opening a hospitality-related enterprise, such as a hotel or restaurant. Even though the work will only be available during certain times of the year, there are still plenty of opportunities available.

Antalya and the other seaside cities of the region attract a large number of expatriates looking to take advantage of all the splendor that comes with living on Turkey's turquoise coast.

The city itself is clean and risk-free, and it hosts weekly food markets, which contribute to the city's overall low cost of living. If you are considering getting a job, moving to the city will be the best option for you because of the superior internet speeds and public transportation network it offers.

Peaceful retirement

The coastline of Antalya is an attractive location for retirees to consider. It has a lot to offer people desiring a certain lifestyle, such as natural beauty spots, fishing villages, and great walks through the countryside.

If you enjoy doing things outside, you could try your hand at completing the Antalya to Fatty route, one of the longest single trails in the entire world. Due to its length of 320 miles, completing the course may require several attempts.

Konyaalti and Lara are considered two of the greatest beaches in all of Turkey, and both are in Antalya. In addition to these well-known attractions, there are a great number of less-known ones equally fascinating.

Because of its proximity to the Mediterranean, the climate is generally milder, and there are significantly fewer significant swings in temperature. Temperatures in the winter rarely fall below 10 degrees, while in the summer, they frequently reach highs of around 28 degrees.

The cost of living in the city or on its outskirts will be higher than the cost of living anywhere else in the Antalya district; however, a family can live comfortably in the city for a lower cost than you might anticipate. It is not hard to understand why the coastal region is one of the most popular areas in Turkey for the sale of real estate to retirees from other countries.

In our guide, you'll find additional information on ex-pat life in Antalya, such as the average cost of living and recommendations for neighborhoods.

Read our article named Reasons to Start a Business in Turkey to learn about the business opportunities Turkey offers in detail!

3. Bodrum: Luxurious lifestyle

In the 1960s, Bodrum became home to several well-known foreign authors and artists, which contributed to the city's meteoric rise to the status of a high-class metropolis.

In modern times, it has evolved into a well-liked tourist destination, particularly among famous people. Many famous people, including Kate Moss, Bill Gates, Nicole Kidman, and Tom Hanks, have been in and around this area in the past.

In the larger districts, many more rural locations are suitable for retirement, such as Gumusluk, Turkbuku, and Gumbet. This option is highly recommended for anyone interested in participating in water sports.

There are numerous megahotels along the coast, but if you look long and hard enough, you'll eventually find some incredible deals on houses and villas.

It is important to draw attention to the fact that the Gumusluk International Classical Music Festival is held in Bodrum every year. It brings in a large number of exceptionally talented musicians from all over the world, as well as fans of classical music. The celebration is held in the stunning Antique Koyunbaba Stone Quarry, which dates back more than 2,500 years.

Because of its location on the Aegean, Bodrum experiences some of the highest average temperatures in the world. In the summer, the temperature rarely rises above 34 degrees Celsius, but it has been known to soar to 45 degrees! If you don't like the cold, this is a good option because the coldest winter temperature is only 15 degrees.

When you are here, you will be close to the various essential amenities. The city will be a good option for you if you are looking for a place to work or raise a family. On the other hand, if you want to spend your retirement years somewhere removed from urban life, the larger district offers a diverse range of possibilities.

4. Bursa: Heritage from the past

Because of its reputation as being more cosmopolitan, the western region of Turkey is the most popular choice among western tourists. Bursa, on the other hand, is the ideal location to visit if you are looking for an authentic taste of Turkey.

It was the second capital of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century, and the city hasn't lost its connection with this heritage. Due to the high concentration of Ottoman architecture, the entire city has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is worth one's time to visit the numerous mausoleums, palaces, and available mansions.

In this city, there are a significant number of green spaces here. Because of the efforts made by the municipal government to protect natural areas, such as parks and forests, the area is affectionately referred to as "Green Bursa." Because of this, it doesn't have the same urban vibe as other places, so it's a great option for families.

The fact that skiing is available here comes as a surprise that the sport is not widely practiced in Turkey. Therefore, if you want to live in Turkey but don't want to give up your favorite winter activities, this could be the perfect location for you.

Because of the city's relatively late start in developing its housing market, it is particularly advantageous for younger ex-pats and those who have families to purchase property there. This indicates that house prices are still at historically low levels making them an excellent investment for first-time buyers.

The average temperature in Bursa during the summer is around 31 degrees Celsius, while the average low temperature during the winter is approximately 10 degrees. If the temperature outside becomes too uncomfortable, you can easily take a quick drive up to a higher elevation on the nearby mountain, which is one of the primary advantages of having a mountain in such proximity.

Bursa is the most important hub for automotive production in Turkey. It is home to factories for the automobile manufacturers Kia and Renault, as well as other companies such as Bosch and Coca-Cola. Because of that, there are consistently a large number of available job openings.

The absence of any particular international schools in Bursa is a feature that could be considered a drawback of the city. It is much more connected to its traditional heritage than places further to the west, and almost every school teaches Turkish in classes.

On the other hand, if you already have some knowledge of Turkish and are willing to learn more of the language, you can be successful.

5. Izmir: Perfect for retirement

Izmir is one of the best cities in Turkey in which to retire, so if you're moving there, you will be in a more suitable location. Because of its status as one of the largest cities in Turkey, it offers every amenity that one might anticipate finding in a location of this magnitude.

Importantly, it boasts excellent connections to national and international transportation networks and is a well-known port for cruise ships. If you don't feel like taking the bus anywhere, there are a lot of other transportation methods you can take within the city itself.

The greater metropolitan area of Izmir includes the city itself. This includes a large number of more compact communities that could offer a way of life that is better suited to retirement.

Because of its location on the Aegean Sea, Izmir offers all of the advantages that one might anticipate. These include a wealth of opportunities for sailing and other watersports, as well as a favorable climate.

Temperatures typically peak at 33 degrees Celsius during the summer and hover around 13 degrees during the winter. It is possible for there to be some precipitation during the winter months, but this is generally a pleasant change after the dry summer months.

If you are interested in living on the coastline away from the hustle and bustle of the city, popular ex-pat destinations in Turkey include Cesme, Kusadasi, and Foca. If you are looking for a place to live where you can be active, Alacati, the surfing capital of Turkey, might be a good option.

You will find some appealing real estate prices as long as you are willing to put in some research time. It will also be much simpler to communicate with real estate agents in Izmir than in other regions of Turkey due to the city's reputation for being one of the most westernized in the country.

6. Alanya: Hotspot with rapid population growth

The province of Alanya can be found on the southwestern coast of Turkey, adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most popular destinations for ex-pats and is located approximately 133 kilometers away from Antalya.

Even though it's considered a city, Alanya isn't very big. Importantly, this indicates that there are a great number of suburbs that have a rural feel to them and that offer some very attractive property prices.

It has so many places for walking and, of course, so many different kinds of watersports, it is an excellent option for people who want to lead an active lifestyle. In addition, there is a multitude of festivals held each year, such as a jazz festival and a festival celebrating international culture.

A startlingly large percentage of the population of the province is made up of people who have relocated there from other countries, the majority of whom do so to retire. According to the most recent census, more than 17,000 people living outside the country own property in the city.

Many people are likely drawn to Alanya as a result of its combination of rural areas, good amenities, low property prices, and good connections to other countries. In a nutshell, if you were looking for a place to retire in Turkey, Alanya would satisfy almost all of your requirements.

7. Marmaris: Paradise for anyone who adores the sea

On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in the southwest, is the city of Marmaris. It comes with a certain feeling of exclusivity and a lifestyle that can only be found in other Rivieras, which is to be expected from a title with such a prestigious name.

The city serves as a focal point for sailing and diving activities on a national scale and is a well-liked option for boat owners looking for a place to spend the winter. It features a large number of beaches as well as a variety of small marinas that are perfect for storing boats.

But if you're more interested in activities that take place on land, Marmaris has you covered there as well. You can keep yourself active by choosing from a wide variety of activities, such as climbing, canoeing, safari tours, and bike rides.

The region also has an interesting natural history to explore. Nimara Cave, located on Heaven Island, just off the coast of Marmaris, is a particular highlight. It is highly recommended you should visit this location because it has been used for religious purposes for thousands of years.

Marmaris also has a large number of historical landmarks, making it an ideal destination for those who are interested in history. It was an important location for the Ottoman Empire, and numerous structures on the island, such as Marmaris Castle.

The climate is significant, and rest assured that you won't be let down here. The temperature in the winters can drop to around 15 degrees Celsius, while the summers can reach the mid-30s. Even though winter is the rainy season, it's a nice change of pace from the scorching heat of summer.

Marmaris is a popular destination for tourists and receives approximately 400,000 of them every year. Depending on your point of view, this may or may not be a positive development; however, it does indicate that there are opportunities for establishing businesses related to tourism if that is something that interests you.

Even in the regions of Turkey that are considered to be more westernized, you can anticipate a significant difference in culture. It is important to do a lot of research to ensure that the culture and language of the area will be a good fit for you because all of the areas, except for the most tourist-heavy ones, have maintained their traditions.

Whether you are interested in Turkey for work or retirement, there is an abundance of desirable real estate options from which to select.

Contacting people currently living in the country as expatriates is a great way to get the information you need to answer your questions. Both native Turks and foreigners living there will tell you that their country has a warm and welcoming culture.

You can find some communities that are populated by expatriates, take some time to see other parts of the country, and think about renting a place. So you can get a good sense of the neighborhood.

Considering that you are looking for a place to call home in the future, this is not an option that should be taken lightly. However, if you put in the effort to prepare yourself adequately, you will have an outstanding new life in Turkey.

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